January 22, 2018


The Pakistan Situation

The situation in Pakistan will get worse…and the U.S. is over-strained to do anything about it, both militarily and economically… Even more reasons the dollar is on shaky grounds…and for that matter, the stock market to…. Got gold? Pakistan expects 500,000 to flee Taliban fighting and if the U.S. does interfere in Pakistan….good time for […]

The Pickens Energy Plan vs. the U.S. Imperialism Plan

Pickens wants you to choose his energy plan whereby he will make millions.  The current U.S. administration wants you to support their energy plan of attacking oil producing countries.  Is this the lesser of two evils? No…, the U.S. actions are evil, but the rich know how to get richer. T. Boone Pickens has a […]

We’re Winning The War On Terror!

Things are going real well in the war on terror, just take a look at this list; Stock market is falling apart… Dollar has fallen 40% since the war began… World food crisis because of rising food prices… More people IN THE U.S. getting food from local food banks…who are low on supplies… Real inflation […]