February 19, 2018


Social Security Will Be There For You, However…

How is adding debt to more debt going to solve any of America’s problems in following through with the promises to seniors who have trusted their government to at a minimum give them their money back they put into the system?

Vote For Those That Voted “NO” To the Bailout Come November


Voting for those senators and house rep.’s who voted “no” for this bailout bill would be a good protest vote come November. Below is the response from my local house rep. Typical politician double speak…”I’m against it but I voted for it…” Senator Feinstein voted for it and replied to my letter of protest. Senator […]

America’s Infrastructure In 2009: Grade “F”

In 2005, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) came out with a report card on America’s Infrastructure. The overall grade from the 2005 report was D, down from a D+ in 2001. William Henry, president of the ASCE, said; “Since the time our infrastructure was last graded in 2001, there has been little or […]

We’re Winning The War On Terror!

Things are going real well in the war on terror, just take a look at this list; Stock market is falling apart… Dollar has fallen 40% since the war began… World food crisis because of rising food prices… More people IN THE U.S. getting food from local food banks…who are low on supplies… Real inflation […]

Are Congressmen Stupid or Ignorant?


Congress is taking our nation towards bankruptcy because they don’t address the Evil that allows them to wage war and spend like there’s no tomorrow. They live like kings and queens and they do so because We The Serfs don’t speak up! Congress is taking our nation towards bankruptcy because they don’t address the Evil […]

The Ron Paul rEVOLution, Super Tuesday and “The Message!”

The Republican nominee for President will more than likely be decided by February 5th, otherwise known as Super Tuesday. Whether or not Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination for President by that time is irrelevant because either way, as the Republican nominee or as a 3rd party candidate, the rEVOLution he has started will continue […]