January 22, 2018


Is Iran Really A Threat To Anyone?

Watching the 2012 Presidential election Republican debate on CBS this past weekend just made me cringe. How is it that the Republican Party has been hijacked by these leading Presidential candidates like Romney, Gingrich, Cain and Perry who want to take us to war with Iran? Didn’t we just go through this charade with our leaders taking us to war with Iraq because of WMD’s that never surfaced? What happened to the Republican Party that got us out of wars the Democrats got us into like Korea and Vietnam?  Which leads us to the question, how much of a threat is Iran to anyone really?

While most of these media appointed leading Republican Candidates want to take us to war with Iran, Ron Paul, who has polled consistently in the top 4 candidates, was only given 90 seconds to speak out during a one hour CBS televised debate because he is known to be against all these wars. This occurred during the 2008 Presidential election as well when he was shunned by the media. The real question to answer is, what are you the voter considering as fact vs. fiction on this issue of war with Iran? What have you done to research these issues yourself rather than listen to the mainstream media for your answers?

Media Bias

All media sources are biased including; CBS that held the last debate but clearly was caught fixing the time given to candidates; Fox News whose commentators are 95% always pro war, along with the scrolling reminder at the bottom of your screen as a constant reminder of the threats we face (BTW, whatever happened to that terror alert anyway?), MSNBC who never ever talks about Obama’s campaign promise to end the wars – it seems to have slipped most left leaning media’s minds, CNN, ABC, etc. etc.

Well the good news is for freedom loving and peaceful people everywhere, Ron Paul is in a virtual tie for first with Cain, Romney and Gingrich after the new Bloomberg poll that was taken in Iowa.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul has the most solid base of support. Of
likely caucus-goers who say they’re decided on who they will back, 32% have
chosen Paul, according to a Bloomberg analysis of the poll results.

Paul’s campaign has also made the most contact with voters: 67% said they had
heard from his campaign, followed by 61% who report being contacted by Minnesota
Rep. Michele Bachman and 47% contacted by Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Like Cain, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has also
seen his support slide since the last Iowa poll, which had him at 22%. He’s now
at 18%.

Even worse, 58% said they would rule out a candidate who has favored a
mandate to buy health insurance. And just 7% listed Romney as the candidate who
would do the most to halt illegal immigration.

You see, the media can’t spin this data. But watch them try. Back to Iran…

Is Iran a Threat to Anyone?

While one can sit and talk about the threat of nuclear capabalities that Iran may or may not have depending on whom you listen to, think about this following statment for one minute; If Iran tried to do anything to anyone by way of a nuclear strike, the United States Navy’s Fifth Fleet would take down the country in a nano-second. And what defense would Iran have? Have you seen the Iranian navy?

This is where one makes the Saturday Night Live skit commentary; Really? I mean really?

Iran’s military has 1,000 aircraft compared to 18,000 for the U.S. They have zero aircraft carriers and an active military of 545,000 people with another 650,000 in reserve. The U.S. has triple those numbers that are military capable. Iran has a defense budget of $9 billion. The U.S. has a defense budget of $692 billion. What Iranian citizen would wish this kind of firepower upon themselves? Is Iran really thinking of bombing Israel just to get anhiliated themselves in retaliation? This is what almost every single war loving Republican Presidential candidate seems to be worried about; poor, poor, defenseless Israel. Could not Israel attack Iran anytime if it wanted to? Israel has more nuclear weapons than India and Pakistan combined. Iran isn’t a threat to anyone.

While Iran’s big mouth President, Ahmadinejad, who is not the one who makes the decisions for the nation, but just a figurehead, is the one the U.S. media always talks about consitently because of his comments about Israel. But it is Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei who has been Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic since 1989. During this period of time, a total of 22 years, we have not had reason to attack Iran. So why now?

Think Outside the Mainstream Media Box For a Moment

Step outside your media influenced box and ask yourself another question; Is Iran selling oil at a higher price because of all this rhetoric? The answer is yes, and so are all other Muslim nations. In a sense, it is our foreign policy that is costing us all more. Who is the world’s largest buyer of oil? It’s of course the U.S. Do we as U.S. citizens pay more for gas at the pump, air travel, and anything oil related because of this policy? The answer is yes. So who’s the fool here? It’s those of us who vote into office the type of candidate whose foreign policy is to “kill people who are trying to kill you” as Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich just said this past weekend. Watch the video;

If someone attacks a country, that country has a right to defend itself. Iraq didn’t attack New York in 2001. Neither was Osama bin Laden wanted by the FBI for any connection to these attacks (althouh he lauded them). Is it appropriate for a country to attack another country without proof?

Did you know the largest Muslim populated nation in the world, Indonesia, will soon have Nuclear power? They have 2 reactors planned, 4 proposed and 3 research reactors. Couldn’t this be converted to nuclear weapons? Then why aren’t we bombing Indonesia? I mean, come on…they are Muslim. Of course there are radicals there so we must get rid of them right? This is the absurdity of attacking Iran because they are aledged to be attempting to make nuclear weapons. We can’t go around attacking every Muslim country, but it seems to be where our elected and potentially elected leaders want to take us. Why?

It’s the Oil Stupid!

It is the U.S. that puts sanctions on Iran. But have you looked at what those sanctions are? The U.S. tries to limit U.S. companies from doing business in Iran. This does nothing but hurt U.S. companies and allow foreign companies like those in China, benefit. See; Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010

Directs the President to impose: (1) sanctions established under this Act (in addition to any current sanctions imposed under the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996) if a person has, with actual knowledge, sold, leased, or provided to Iran any goods, services, technology, information, or support that would allow Iran to maintain or expand its domestic production of refined petroleum resources, including any assistance in refinery construction, modernization, or repair; and (2) sanctions established under this Act if a person has, with actual knowledge, provided Iran with refined petroleum resources or engaged in any activity that could contribute to Iran’s ability to import refined petroleum resources, including providing shipping, insurance, or financing services for such activity.

But lets give this analysis a little more depth. While there are new technologies to extract more oil from existing fields here in the U.S., the production of oil in the U.S. has been declining since the 70’s as seen in the following chart.

Click for sharper image.

I’m not in the conspiracy camp, but I am one who can think for themself. If you have oil reserves as a nation, do you want to use those reserves and deplete them or pay for other countries reserves, saving yours for a future date when needed (when other countries no longer will sell you theirs because they need them for their own self sufficiency).

This begs the question, did the U.S. want a presence in Iraq to secure future interests (oil), on false pretenses (no WMD’s), and name the invasion “Operation Freedom” to save Iraqi lives from a ruthless dictator (Saddam Hussein) but at the expense of American and Iraqi lives lost. Are U.S. leaders actually smart enough to play this type of game? What would you do as leader of a country that consumes more oil than any other nation on earth with the potential/known reality of peak oil looming?

How Does China Play Into This?

China, like the U.S., gets most of its oil from Saudi Arabia. Their appetite for oil is projected to be double in the next 30 years while their production remains the same.

Click for sharper image

China is the sleeping tiger to watch here, not Iran. Unless Nikola Tesla’s ideas can somehow be restored to where free energy saves us all, expect the coming clash of the titans at some point. But China goes about things differently. They didn’t invade Iraq. China isn’t threatening Iran. As a matter of fact, Iran supplies just over 8% of China’s oil today and Saudi Arabia about 17%.

So lets go ahead and attack Iran Democrats and Republicans and piss off the Chinese. What then? These are the issues one needs to consider when voting for their candidate in the coming 2012 Presidential elections.

UPDATE 1/11/2012

Our own defense secretary had this to say on Face the Nation last Sunday; Panetta: Iran cannot develop nukes, block strait.