February 19, 2018


America Loses Tomorrow With Romney or Obama

America loses tomorrow either way as these two political parties will continue to do what they do best; spend money that’s not theirs but that of future slaves indebted to their masters. Sure, you may think your vote counts, but it doesn’t reduce debt and neither do these political parties as both sides have proven […]

Rebuttal To Gary Bauer’s We Can Do Better Than Ron Paul Video


Gary Bauer recently came out with a video telling his followers that “We can do better than Ron Paul.” Of course this is expected from Mr. Bauer if you know a little about his background and support of war and the killing of Muslims. The following (below) is my email exchange with Gary Bauer, founder […]

Some Christian Groups In Iowa Choose Pro-death Candidates Over Pro-life Candidates


If a Christian is “pro-life,” shouldn’t that also include the lives of those our government chooses to kill abroad in undeclared wars, including those of our own armed forces? So why is it that a few Christian groups in Iowa have shunned Ron Paul in favor of the remaining warmongering candidates as we move closer […]

Which Congressmen Voted to Give IMF $100 Billion? Vote Them Out!

Which Congressmen and women are casting their votes for the Constitution and We the People and which are voting against the Constitution and the People?

Vote For Those That Voted “NO” To the Bailout Come November


Voting for those senators and house rep.’s who voted “no” for this bailout bill would be a good protest vote come November. Below is the response from my local house rep. Typical politician double speak…”I’m against it but I voted for it…” Senator Feinstein voted for it and replied to my letter of protest. Senator […]

A Solution for Ron Paul Supporters?

A Solution for Ron Paul Supporters? ——————————————————————————– Voting Fourth Party Part 2 Sandra Hamilton wrote an article on voting Fourth party that I had posted here recently. There were some comments on how writing in Ron Paul could be a “wasted vote.” In this sequel to her first article on writing in Ron Paul, she […]

Voting Fourth Party


Makes sense to me…. My comments follow this article… Doug Eberhardt Voting Fourth Party by Sandra Hamilton Most of the people that I know are not happy with the political choices they have for President this year. I hear lots of talk about voting against one guy or the other, but not so much talk […]

Ron Paul Needs to Hire Britney Spears!

How does Ron Paul get media attention? He hires Britney Spears! What would be the effect? I’m mixing up my normal type of support article for Ron Paul….frustration sometimes does this to me! I want to see if just by adding the name “Britney Spears” to a Ron Paul article if viewership will increase by […]