February 19, 2018


A Vote for Obama May Be the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to the Liberty Movement

Those of us who want America to return to it’s Liberty roots have some tough decisions ahead of us in November 2012, but our decisions this year will shape the future of America in 2016 and beyond. For some, they may think it is a choice between Liberty and Death this election as Thomas Jefferson and […]

Voting Fourth Party


Makes sense to me…. My comments follow this article… Doug Eberhardt Voting Fourth Party by Sandra Hamilton Most of the people that I know are not happy with the political choices they have for President this year. I hear lots of talk about voting against one guy or the other, but not so much talk […]

We’re Winning The War On Terror!

Things are going real well in the war on terror, just take a look at this list; Stock market is falling apart… Dollar has fallen 40% since the war began… World food crisis because of rising food prices… More people IN THE U.S. getting food from local food banks…who are low on supplies… Real inflation […]

The Enemy of My Enemy is NOT My Friend

While the MSM seems to be debating the ins and outs of Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright, those of us who don’t fall for this ploy of keeping our minds busy on worthless stories are busy contemplating what’s really going on behind the scenes. I’m always asking myself…”What is the U.S. Government thinking when it comes […]

It’s Not Too Late For Ron Paul!

Is Ron Paul making the right decision with his “next phase” in spreading the “message” and moving the revolution forward? My criticism and recommendations for Ron Paul and all of us to consider as we continue the fight for Individual Liberty, Free Markets, Private Property, Sound Money, and A Non-interventionist Foreign Policy! Sure revolutions take […]