February 19, 2018


Why Aren’t Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney Threatening To Bomb Dearborn Michigan?


This post is partially tongue in cheek (the bombing of Dearborn, Michigan part) to point out the absurdity of the policies of most all of the Republican candidates as well as the Obama administration wanting to bomb Iran, except for the following statements; the only true Peace candidate, Ron Paul, would rather choose to trade […]

Why Has Newt Gingrich Risen In the Polls?


Of late we have seen a surge by Newt Gingrich in the polls. First it was Herman Cain, now Gingrich….who’s next? Of course the media, both left and right, have written about Gingrich’s rise as if it was the second coming, claiming him to be “the new front runner” and “back from the brink’ alongside […]