January 23, 2018


It’s Bush’s Fault, No Wait, It’s Obama’s Fault

It’s Bush’s fault! No, wait, it’s Obama’s fault!   Will we someday learn it’s government spending and Federal Reserve policy that are the main problems for our economy? A nation cannot spend itself into prosperity just like you personally can’t keep increasing your debt without eventual consequences. And the Federal Reserve can’t keep implementing QE […]

Does Paul Krugman Think War Is Needed To Help Economy Recover?

The twist was Paul Krugman basically said we need a war “to jump start the economy.”

Congress Gives IMF Your Tax Dollars to Bailout Greece

Does anyone really think a nation with a total debt of over $12 Trillion can afford to pay $100 Billion to the IMF in the middle of a financial meltdown?

Low Income Folks Get Free Health Care and You’ll Pay Higher Taxes

Does anyone think providing free insurance for 40 million people comes without a cost? Is it even conceivable for an educated person not to envision their taxes will be higher in the years to come?

Health Care Reform Didn’t Work for Romney and Won’t Work For Obama – Here’s What Will Work

If you want an idea of how well Obama’s Health Care Plan will succeed for all American’s, look no further than the Health Care Plan installed in Massachusetts by former Governor Mitt Romney called “MassCare.”

Socialist Romney’s Health Care Plan Isn’t Working and Neither Will Obama’s

A 5 Step Plan Is All That Is Needed To Reform Health Care Reform

You don’t need 2,400 pages to reform Health Care! Just do these 5 things… (click on article title for more)

Top 5 Articles of 2009

It was a great year for gold and a down, then up year for the stock market. Our government and the Fed are still doing damage to the economy while politicians claim “the recession is over.”

What will 2010 bring?

Stay tuned…I’ll expose it all here on the Fed Up! Blog and help people understand what’s really going on with the U.S. Dollar, Gold and their investments, media influence, our government and the politicians who run it and their collusion with the real “root of all Evil” that is at the forefront of the bust economy, the Federal Reserve.

The Government Is Not in the Business of Keeping You Healthy Revisited: No Mammograms Recommended for Women Aged 40-49


If you want the government to control your health care, do nothing. If you don’t want them to control your health care because you realize that it will cost you more in the long run, then Tell Congress To Support the Health Freedom Plan. Please do it now.

Social Security Will Be There For You, However…

How is adding debt to more debt going to solve any of America’s problems in following through with the promises to seniors who have trusted their government to at a minimum give them their money back they put into the system?

The Government Is Not in the Business of Keeping You Healthy

The result: treating the disease rather than preventing it which costs the system and consequently taxpayers more.

Perhaps if more people got physical examinations on a regular basis, the cost of health insurance wouldn’t be so expensive. As usual, the U.S. government has it all backwards.

Vote For Those That Voted “NO” To the Bailout Come November


Voting for those senators and house rep.’s who voted “no” for this bailout bill would be a good protest vote come November. Below is the response from my local house rep. Typical politician double speak…”I’m against it but I voted for it…” Senator Feinstein voted for it and replied to my letter of protest. Senator […]