February 19, 2018


Would Jesus Vote For Gingrich, Romney Or Ron Paul?

Many people who vote today, do so after listening to their favorite talk show host speak fondly about a certain candidate. Others do their homework to seek truth about each candidate. This article and the video below will address how the media, the same media that got us involved in the war in Iraq, is […]

Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” 5 of First 20 Stories Muslim Related


Does writing 5 out of the first 20 stories for The Blaze on one issue, Muslims, constitute a “wide range?” Muslims represent 1% of all United States citizens yet constitute 25% of The Blaze first 20 stories.

Glenn Beck’s “Unity for All!” Unless of Course You’re Not Christian

If you are a Christian in a foreign country, can you talk freely about your religion to others? This article will analyze what its like for Christians in the countries of India, China and Iran, and correlate it to what Glenn Beck is trying to do with Christianity here in America.