January 23, 2018


Health Insurance Premiums Going Up Double Digits As Government Solutions Fail Again

If this doesn’t make your blood boil, I don’t know what will. An article today from CNBC states Health Insurers Raise Some Rates by Double Digits.

An excerpt;

In California, Aetna is proposing rate increases of as much as 22 percent, Anthem Blue Cross 26 percent and Blue Shield of California 20 percent for some of those policy holders, according to the insurers’ filings with the state for 2013. These rate requests are all the more striking after a 39 percent rise sought by Anthem Blue Cross in 2010 helped give impetus to the law, known as the Affordable Care Act, which was passed the same year and will not be fully in effect until 2014.

I thought Obamacare was called “The Affordable Care Act?” What happened to the “affordable” aspect to Obamacare? I thought insurance companies were supposed to be giving rebates?

The CNBC article goes on to say;

Particularly vulnerable to the high rates are small businesses and people who do not have employer-provided insurance and must buy it on their own.

Is this going to help small businesses prosper? Will they be hiring more employees now? Good job government! You not only through Congress give us more taxes for everyone with the latest fiscal cliff negotiations, but you have most of us pay more through insurance companies charging more. Don’t expect this not to affect everyone who has coverage through their employer either.

In March of 2010 I wrote an article called Health Care Reform Didn’t Work for Romney and Won’t Work For Obama – Here’s What Will Work offering solutions to American’s health insurance crisis as outlined below.

A 5 Step Plan Is All That Is Needed To Reform Health Care Reform

You don’t need 2,400 pages to reform Health Care!  Just do these 5 things…

  1. Allow health insurance companies to compete across state lines – competition hasn’t hurt the computer, cell phone or Lasik surgery industries has it?

  2. Utilize high deductibles and establish an emergency fund (From an insurance company provider perspective, they will rake in premiums from the majority that won’t even use their health coverage any longer.  People don’t use their auto or home owners coverage often either, providing more than enough income to pay for the unhealthy minority and still provide profit for shareholders – From an insured perspective, competition for your preventive care needs will drive Doctor’s and hospital costs down making it more affordable for all ).

  3. Make premiums for health insurance tax deductible just as they are for employers (this utilizes the incentive for people to buy health insurance, similar as to the incentive to save for retirement via an IRA – unfortunately many people won’t do it without an incentive.  Also, more income would be available to individuals to pay for health insurance as Employers would no longer be paying for it.  One way or another, the employee is paying for it.  Free health coverage from your employer is in lieu of higher income/salary to the employee.).

  4. Make health coverage portable (including across state lines) – solves most of the problems related to the uninsured.

  5. Keep the government out of health care.

Of my solutions above, #1 is primarily one that may be put in use as health insurance companies are going to be part of an exchange where they allegedly will compete against each other for your business. I’ll believe it when I see how many companies actually compete. But why the rise in prices now? Is this a ploy by some companies to raise prices while they can before laws are implemented to where they can’t take advantage of this loophole? Who wrote this legislation to allow some states the ability to do so?

My solutions above were that simple. Only government involvement can make things worse as voters eventually learn. When has Congress done anything for you in your life? Why are we over $16.4 trillion in debt on our way to over $20 trillion and more by the end of Obama’s term? These are the people you voted into office! In 2008 I told readers to Vote For Those That Voted “NO” To the Bailout Come November. Obama and McCain, the two Presidential choices America chose to run against each other in 2008 both voted for TARP! You reap what you sow America. Ignorance only goes so far. At some point I may start having to use the word “stupid” although I know use of the word “stupid” won”t play well in trying to win people over to my point of view. But what word would you use to describe people voting for the same representatives into office and expecting different results over and over again? Was there really any “change” with Obama?

George W. Bush and the Republicans are to blame too for the health care mess in passing the $400 billion Medicare Prescription Drug Modernization Act. Drug companies, just like these health insurance companies can keep charging higher and higher prices for the drugs? Why? Because Government pays for it! But it’s not government pays for it, it’s YOU with your hard earned labor!

Doctor’s Were Not Asked To Participate In What Should Be In the Affordable Health Care Act 

Every year here in San Diego there are conventions that Physicians attend. I used this opportunity to ask them questions to learn more about their point of views on the health care legislation being proposed by the Obama administration.  I have spoken with many doctors since writing that article in 2010 and the collective result was “we weren’t asked by the government what we thought about solutions for health care.” But guess who was consulted? Insurance companies were as noted above! The insurance companies  didn’t want to be in competition with each other. They wanted the ability to raise rates as high as the sky as Anthem Blue Cross did by 39% before Obamacare went into effect. When they all raise rates, then there is no competition to drive prices down to get your business. You are stuck with every companies high prices!

Government Is the Problem, Never the Solution

Want to know why the cost of college tuition always goes higher? Because government guarantees the loans to students. Because of this, we now have millions of debt slaves to whom? The Government! Students are now almost a trillion in debt to the government.

Ethanol subsidies have expired, but multi-billion mandates remain costing those along the food chain billions.

Government induced “Cash for clunkers” caused used car prices to rise 10% to 36% for many vehicles.

Renewable energy (nuclear, wind, solar) tax breaks over $10 billion cost to taxpayers. If your tax dollars go to create a job, how can this be viewed as a job creation success? At what cost?


More regulation drives up prices everywhere adding a $46 billion cost to taxpayers as well.

The sooner that people learn that Government and Congress are the problem, the sooner we can get our economy back on track. Until that time, we are more and more becoming serfs to the Congressional Kings and Queens who are destroying our country with every new piece of regulation and every new law they pass. Naturally, it won’t and can’t last.

This song, I’ve Got You Under My Skin” is the governments song to you;

I’ve God You Under My Skin

I’ve got you deep in the heart of me.
So deep in my heart that you’re really a part of me.
I’ve got you under my skin.
I’d tried so not to give in.
I said to myself: this affair never will go so well.
But why should I try to resist when, baby, I know down well
I’ve got you under my skin?

I’d sacrifice anything come what might
For the sake of havin’ you near
In spite of a warnin’ voice that comes in the night
And repeats, repeats in my ear:
Don’t you know, you fool, you never can win?
Use your mentality, wake up to reality.
But each time that I do just the thought of you
Makes me stop before I begin
‘Cause I’ve got you under my skin.

Yes, the government does have you under their skin. But come what may, they know eventually they can never win. It is what our great country was founded upon if you are up to the challenge.

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Declaration of Independence