January 22, 2018


A Solution for Ron Paul Supporters?

A Solution for Ron Paul Supporters?

Voting Fourth Party Part 2

Sandra Hamilton wrote an article on voting Fourth party that I had posted here recently.

There were some comments on how writing in Ron Paul could be a “wasted vote.”

In this sequel to her first article on writing in Ron Paul, she addresses this issue as well as presents a letter you can send to your congressman explaining why the system needs to be changed so your vote can be counted.

Remember, Ross Perot received 20% of the popular vote in 1996, but received ZERO electoral votes. The system is even worse now (aka rigged) so that 3rd parties won’t ever be able to debate any of the other parties.

It is only through the action of writing to your congressmen or eventually electing congressmen who think like we do that real change will happen.

Voting for those that maintain the status quo accomplishes nothing.

I hope you read her article by clicking on the url below and also take action as she has suggested.


Doug Eberhardt