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February 19, 2018


Does Paul Krugman Think War Is Needed To Help Economy Recover?

I have chosen this day, June 5th, my daughter’s 12th birthday, to start posting on this site again. Fedupbook.com will be transitioning to the new site; www.WeTheSerfs.com in the next few weeks, which is also the name of my forthcoming book. The title will read “We the People Serfs” and be available later this year. Yes, we are all becoming “serfs” now as government grows bigger and bigger. This new book is one that has been almost 5 years in the making and sure to stir things up for the forthcoming elections.

Today’s article comes after listening to Christiane Amanpour’s show Sunday, June 5th, 2011. On this show her guest was NY Times columnist and Nobel Prize winning economist, Paul Krugman, who was there to discuss the economic situation we are presently facing. As some of you may or may not know, I have been writing on the economy, gold and silver on my other site, Buy Gold And Silver Safely in support of my book with the same title. I must say, turning to Paul Krugman for economic advice is like throwing gasoline on an out of control fire as his solution to everything is “more stimulus.”

But Krugman’s economic advice on Amanpour’s show today had a twist to it in addition to his usual government spending solutions. This twist is one that blew my mind away, hearing it in such a tone that he almost wished it upon this nation. The twist was Paul Krugman basically said we need a war “to jump start the economy.”

You can listen to the recording of what he said here: Krugman Loves War

The transcript of what Krugman said was; “If we all of a sudden had a threat of war, and a military build up, you would be amazed at how fast this economy would recover. The problem is, we can’t get ourselves together to do that kind of. ahh…(changes his thought process here and continues)…We can’t do it for the right reasons instead of the wrong reasons.”

Can’t do what for the right reasons Mr. Krugman? Is he saying since we can’t get the economy going for the right reasons (more stimulus according to him), then lets choose the wrong reasons (war)? Aren’t we already spending more on the military the last 4 years than at any other time in our history? Aren’t we already involved in two wars and currently bombing Pakistan via drones? I thought Obama was going to get us out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? How has the trillions of Quantitative Easing by the Fed worked for stimulating the economy Mr. Krugman? Why is the unemployment rate still so high? How many new businesses have started lately? Just how exactly will this war be paid for? How have past wars been paid for? What tax increases will there be? Will the war be declared per the Constitution? What will other countries think of this tactic? Their economies are hurting too, so will they join the U.S. war efforts to improve their economies? How many lives will be lost during this war before it’s is “declared” a failure by the general public?

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Let’s look at the numbers a little closer to see if Krugman has the right ideas about more spending and more wars and whether that will help spur the economy moving forward. From the table below we see that income tax revenue has fallen with the millions of people laid off. Military spending is already almost as much as what is gathered through income taxes. Is this who we really are as a nation? The Swiss never get involved in wars had have had the strongest currency in the world because of it. Instead of cutting back and living within our means, all our government does, per the advice of people like Krugman, is keep adding fuel to the fire. These economists and Congressman can’t see past the nose on their faces, and we don’t even have Obamacare in place yet. And now Krugman is advocating war? Seriously?

Table data gathered from CBO Historical Budget Data

Discretionary spending is up. Mandatory spending is up. Defense spending is up. Personal income tax and corporate tax revenue is down. The kids graduating college today will have to pay for all of this with a lower lifestyle and a nation that isn’t even close to that of their parents and grandparents.

An Apology To Future Generations

I sincerely apologize on behalf of all who have let things get this far. I apologize to all those college graduates and younger generations who will feel the repercussions of all this spending by the generations before you. But many of you voted for Obama because you expected “change.” You expected an end to wars. You got the shaft just like we always do. Welcome to the world of politics. We have made the mistake of electing these same fools into office. This can’t continue and it is up to the youth today, and enlightened voters, to stop this pattern of abuse to the People.

Of course the baby boomers were given the gift of Medicare and Social Security to pay for, many of whom are just starting to see the return on their investment after contributing for decades. But will the last baby boomers who start receiving social security benefits in 10 years or so even get any of what they put in? At the rate our government is spending, adding to the deficits and current debt, and with no realistic outlook for  businesses to get back on track, they will have to recalculate just how long Social Security has to survive. And don’t forget about adding Obamacare to the equation. Or will it be called Romneycare?

What a birthday gift to my 12 year old daughter. Would you like a cherry on top of that debt cream birthday sundae?

The Only Gift I Can Give To My Daughter

The only gift I can give to my daughter right now is to expose the ignorance of the economists who say that spending will solve our nations problems and stop the ties that congress has with corporate American in handing out favors through lobbyists. Let businesses that didn’t plan ahead and banks that can’t make money fail. Let the free market replace failed businesses with companies that produce and hire individuals. America will not devolve into a 3rd world country if we stop Congress and the Fed from destroying our future by bailing out their favorite banks and companies and instead make the necessary cuts. If you are in debt and get another credit card, can you spend your way out of debt, or do you cut up the credit cards and work on becoming debt free? Stop this madness from our government and Fed and stop it now!

Krugman’s Solutions Of More Spending and More Wars Won’t Work

Krugman can have his war only if he’s carrying the American flag in front of the soldiers told by their government to wage war on whomever the government doesn’t like. A soldier is told what to do, but the orders come from the top. Al qaeda here, Al qaeda there, Al qaeda everywhere! Kill them before they kill us like a former Presidential candidate told me once through an email correspondence we had. When push comes to shove, these economists and Congressmen who want and continue funding wars do it behind a desk without any repercussions. After 8 years, these Congressmen have retirement and health insurance for life and a cushy job with the company they helped via generous lobbyists gifts to their campaign chest while in office. Meanwhile soldiers with mother’s, father’s, wives and children, die or come home disabled. For what? To defend a nation that can’t be touched by anyone but Canada and Mexico? If you have ever played the game of Risk, you know what I’m talking about. Any nuclear submarine could take out any country it wanted to in minutes. Israel, being the only county with nuclear weapons, could do the same.

But why not “love thy neighbor” instead of threaten them? I can hear the neoconservatives reading this now…cringing because they love war so much. Well guess what? Your mother, father and grandparents were real Republicans. You know…the one’s that got us out of wars (Vietnam and Korea). Democrats were the ones who got us into war, and as true to their historic nature, care not to get us out as Obama has shown. If this truly is a Christian nation, it’s not one made of neoconservatives and neoliberal who love war. Think outside of what the media tells you to think. Become more aware of what they are doing to hurt the economy, not help it. Open up your Bibles and read the New Testament and the words of the Prince of Peace (I am only preaching to Christians here – or the one’s who love war and call themselves Christians – if you are not Christian, I love you – If you are Muslim, I love you – if you are of any race or religion, I love you as God has commanded me to). Yes, we are to watch for “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” but who are the wolves and who are the sheep? And how many innocent lambs are slaughtered while we let our government try and decipher?

You have a choice come 2012. The choice will be to put big spending, lobbyists loving, war loving candidates in office, or someone who will put an end to this madness, knowing they did the right thing. Whom will you choose?

Stay tuned for more articles related to the forthcoming elections.