January 23, 2018


As National Debt Approaches $15 Trillion Presidential Candidates Ignorant Of Solutions


When it comes to solutions of what our country needs to reverse the trend of Congress adding debt to debt in thinking this is actually a solution in getting our economy going again, I state unequivocally that Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain are not the answers. Yet these are the candidates that according to mainstream media, both left and right leaning media, are the anointed ones. I didn’t anoint them as the front runners. Did you? Chances are you didn’t, but you may not know that you are influenced by the likes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Mark Levine, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Keith Olberman, etc. etc. as to how you think. These people are the master manipulators and opinion makers. If you are not aware of their tactics, then you fall prey to their points of view.

The Media Influences Our Decisions

Name one person in the media, who through their own research, has said they want to cut any department of government, let alone the Federal Reserve. Yet how dies the media (since they are the ones who decide who voters should vote for, I am addressing them) think the debt shown in the snapshot of the U.S. Debt Clock below will magically disappear? The answer is, they don’t really care. And neither do the top tier candidates they push upon the People. Remember the “change” Obama was supposed to bring? What happened? Do we allow such an individual to bankrupt us while we as some suggest, “give the man enough time”???

Why does the media want you to vote for “their” candidate? Why do they shun such candidates as Ron Paul or Gary Johnson who have real solutions? Even Michelle Bachman is now parroting Ron Paul’s most recent plan to cut actual departments (Education, Commerce, Interior, Energy and HUD) in saving the nation $1 trillion in one year. Yet all of these candidates, if they even get a chance to speak at the debates, are minimized by the media. Of course Bachman is the only one of the three who joins the rest of the neo-conservative candidates in their lust for war. This is not what the Republican party of old stood for. They are the party that got us out of wars the Democrats started. And just because Obama has said we will be out of Iraq by the end of the year, don’t believe him. We will always have a presence there, just like in Japan, Germany and Korea. We have to support those countries at taxpayers expense right? Ever play the game of RISK? What happens when you spread yourself too thinly in that game? Answer: YOU LOSE!

People Need To Wake Up!

If you watch any of the media pundits that I mentioned above, chances are you enjoy what they have to say. They can be entertaining and some of their points about the issues are spot on. But there is no doubt in my mind they are master manipulators. They are dividers of the truth. They purposefully keep our minds busy debating issues when underneath the Debt Clock keeps ticking. I will be going into this deeper with my forthcoming book, “We the Serfs.”

All is not what it seems. The media has an agenda to keep the truth from being known. But the chart above speaks the truth. There is no one but a couple people in Congress today that has any clue as to what a mess our country is in. There is a reason our kids calculators don’t go up to a trillion. God forbid they know the truth and are defeated in attitude before they leave 8th grade! Little do they know, but by the time they graduate high school they’ll be drafted into fighting for not our country, but the leaders we elect today who want to fight first, instead of love and trade with thy neighbor.

I’m not the only one who sees what is coming in the future. But I can do simple math. I can see what lies ahead from an economic stand point. I see what solutions Congress today is putting forth along with the help of the Federal Reserve. I see the front running Republican candidates as not a solution but more of the same. I see the democrats, led by Obama’s expansion of debt that most Democrats blame on George W. Bush’s excesses, as dropping helicopters of gasoline on an already roaring forest fire. It’s time for people to wake up as to what’s really going on.

Stay tuned…


UPDATE: I did just run across a video of Sean Hannity interviewing Ron Paul from 10/24/2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eev3nWStrok

In the video, Hannity says he supports the plan of Ron Paul to cut the departments named above, and claimed he has supported Ron Paul’s views “for years.” Sorry Sean, you have not supported anything Ron Paul said during the 2008 Presidential election. Sean Hannity is a war loving statist despite what he tries to portray himself as to the contrary. This is what pundits like Hannity do. He knows Paul won’t get the top notch for the Republican Party, so he puts him on the show thinking he might be able to influence some Ron Paul supporters. Hannity then claims he has always been for less government, but when George W. Bush was in office, I watched Hannity’s show all the time and he never said one word about government waste or the abuses of the Federal Reserve. Truth is, he was ignorant on the economy. He, like Glenn Beck, have since read a few books to be able to look like they know something. I like how Fox News in the video had a clip in the right hand corner of the video talking about the imposition of Sharia Law in Libya. They continue the fear mongering yet our borders remain unprotected. Hannity still doesn’t understand how spreading ourselves too thin and paying it for money printed out of thin air doesn’t work. The military industrial complex is where the money is…and fighting the failed war on drugs, a whole separate discussion.

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