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February 19, 2018


The Ignorance Of State Loving Ann Coulter When It Comes To Marriage

Ann Coulter, a loud mouth book writer who is sometimes on Fox News for her typical anti-liberal rants, came out today with a new column attacking a certain Republican Presidential candidate, sometimes called “Libertarian,” Ron Paul. He is called Libertarian by those, like Ann Coulter, who want to try and distance him from the media darling Presidential candidates. Ron Paul is a Constitutionalist, and a conservative Republican (you know…the type of Republican that wasn’t hijacked by the war loving neo-conservative side that has helped bring our nation to the brink of bankruptcy.

In this case, Ann Coulter goes after Ron Paul for his comments about marriage.  You can find her article here; Get Rid of Government–But First Make Me President!

The statement that Ron Paul said about marriage that Coulter was so upset with is this; “The federal government shouldn’t be involved. I wouldn’t support an amendment (prohibiting gay marriage). But let me suggest — one of the ways to solve this ongoing debate about marriage, look up in the dictionary. We know what marriage is all about. But then, get the government out of it. … Why doesn’t it go to the church? And why doesn’t it go to the individuals? I don’t think government should give us a license to get married. It should be in the church.”

To which Coulter replied with a state loving rant in her article that basically says that We the People can’t do anything without the states permission.

Excuse me Ms. Coulter, but didn’t our country function just fine for centuries without government taking control of every little thing we do? Who are you to speculate on what Ron Paul means when he says he wants the government out of marriage? Have you read anything he has written on the subject?

Perhaps Ms. Coulter should have listened to Ron Paul the last time he was asked the question on a Fox News 2008 Presidential debate and here: The Federal Marriage Amendment Is a Very Bad Idea.

Paul said, “I also am concerned that the proposed amendment, by telling the individual states how their state constitutions are to be interpreted, is a major usurpation of the states’ power. The division of power between the federal government and the states is one of the virtues of the American political system. Altering that balance endangers self-government and individual liberty. However, if federal judges wrongly interfere and attempt to compel a state to recognize the marriage licenses of another state, that would be the proper time for me to consider new legislative or constitutional approaches.”

Does Ann Coulter not understand the fact that the more power you give to the Federal Government, the larger leviathan grows and the more our liberty is lost? That’s what’s happening before our very eyes folks. She also wants the Federal government to trump states rights as Paul is warning us about. Perhaps Coulter should also read the 10th amendment and the book Nullification by professor Tom Woods.

As Paul points out, the institution of marriage was taken over by government about 100 years ago. Interestingly enough, we also were given about 100 years ago the IRS and the Federal Reserve, two other institutions that Ron Paul wants to get rid of. Should we keep them around Ann, so the government knows who to tax what percentage? How is it that one group is taxed differently than another? Why should a single person pay more in taxes than a married person for example? Is that fair Ann? Maybe we should have a Constitutional amendment to protect single people right Ann?

Free Will

From a Biblical perspective, “Free Will” is what each individual has the right to possess. One cannot dictate upon another human their will. We do not need a Constitutional amendment to force one’s point of view over another unless it is one whereby it can protect one from harm. The fact we are spreading democracy all over the world through wars goes against the Constitution as none of these wars were “declared.” But it is our alleged democracy that we are trying to spread. How is it that we want to give Muslim countries our version of democracy whereby the rights of Sharia Law give one group of radical Muslims, who are in the majority, the right to dictate to Christians, whom are in the minority, how they should act, what they can say or do, or what rights they may have that are freely given to others?

The problem is, you and your war loving neo-conservatives type of democracy doesn’t work Ann. This is a nation of Constitutional laws and these laws should not be interfering with religious ceremonies. Get the government out of religion. Return Churches to their original intent when it comes to marriage. There is no need for a Constitutional amendment.

Christians Need To Understand This Too

If a gay friendly Church wants to allow gays to marry, then so be it. If a non-gay friendly Church doesn’t allow gays to marry, then that’s fine. It should not be mandated by government what each Church should do.

We, as Christians, can’t get caught up in the drama that book writers like Ann Coulter, journalists like Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity, would have you believe. Their goal is to get people to argue. The same can be said of liberal journalists too who want the state to give rights to individual groups. All media’s goals are to divide so they get good ratings and companies will place ads with them.

I attended a Christian convention that Ann Coulter was invited to speak at. She used the word “faggot” three times with most of the audience offended. Ann Coulter is a sensationalist and always looking to stir up the pot. In this case, in criticizing Ron Paul’s views, she is clueless.

There is only one judge here, and it is the final judge; Jesus Christ, not Ann Coulter.

Judge not, that ye be not judged.  For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Matthew 7 v. 1,2

This subject will be explored further in my forthcoming book; “We the Serfs.”