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January 22, 2018


Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” 5 of First 20 Stories Muslim Related

After holding a rally to “restore honor” over the weekend, the next step in Glenn Beck’s agenda, whatever that may be, is the beginning of a news service called The Blaze.

From the “About Us” section of The Blaze site:

The goal of Glenn Beck and his staff at The Blaze is to “post report and analyze stories of interest on a wide range of topics from politics and culture, to faith and family.”

Does writing 5 out of the first 20 stories (see list below) for The Blaze on one issue, Muslims, constitute a “wide range?” Muslims represent 1% of all United States citizens yet constitute 25% of The Blaze first 20 stories.

Beck does say in the About Us section of the site that he would be reporting on stories concerning faith, but evidently he meant the faith of Muslims as that seems to be the beginning trend to The Blaze news articles.

Yet his speech at the Lincoln Memorial was directed primarily at Christians was it not? You would think since 80% of Americans are Christians (not all practicing mind you), he would at least have one story pertaining to their faith wouldn’t you? Instead, there were five stories related to the Muslim faith.

Which leads to the question, what is the difference between The Blaze and Fox News?

If there is any doubt as to Becks adherence to the neo-conservative message that Fox News continues to spout, this reporting by The Blaze, of what’s going on with Muslims in the world, seems to be the icing on the cake as to who Beck really is.

Who Is Glenn Beck?

When you do a search for “Glenn Beck” and “neo-conservative” you don’t find many articles on Beck. Sure there are a few videos of him floating around, attacking him for his support of the Bush bailout bill, the Patriot Act and his calling Ron Paul supporters “terrorists.”

Ironically Ron Paul supporters were the only real group that opposed the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Democrats just used it as a cause to get their man elected and then forgot about the issue once he was in office.

Anyone who thinks the situation is over in Iraq, just wait, it isn’t. And Obama seems to have a love affair with Pakistan that started well before he got elected and continues today as over 100 drone attacks have been ordered under his command.

You never saw Beck when he was on CNN say anything that would criticize Bush, the one who got us into the wars to begin with, as to why he went into Iraq in the first place. In fact, Beck has praised Bush, calling him a “smart man” after personally being invited to the White House. You also don’t see Beck criticizing Obama on what’s going on in Pakistan, let alone Iran.

To Becks’ credit, he did have one episode where he called for bringing the troops home. Like any good politician, he has to play to both sides. There are, believe it or not, Christians out there who are opposed to war.

Can Money Make You Who You Are?

If someone offered you $5 to do something illegal, that chances are no one would find out about, would you do it? Of course not. But what if they offered you $5,000? or $50,000? or $500,000? Would you have the least bit of temptation as the price offered increases?

When a man like Beck is paid $50 million by Rupert Murdoch to put on a show, he can’t stray too far from the News Corporation, owner of FOX News, mantra that has heavily influenced the Christian right. The right amount of money can sometimes change one’s views.

I would love to actually read that contract Beck signed with Murdoch. Sean Hannity’s too…

In the weeks and months ahead, I will begin exposing more of what Christians need to know to separate fact from fiction.

When you have one organization (Fox News) trying to hijack the Republican Party from its non-interventionist, conservative roots, and a faction of that organization (Glenn Beck’s; The Blaze) pretending to bring you the news from a different perspective , I have to wonder if the real intent isn’t to hijack Christians from their faith as they know it, substituting their own neo-conservative version in its place.

This is the issue Christians need to research and resolve for themselves. Maybe some of what I write in the future can help, and please share your thoughts on it.

The Verdict On Beck Is In

When The Blaze comes out with 5 out of 20 articles discussing a faith other than Christianity, I have to believe Beck’s hand has been played, and he’s holding three sixes.

As a Christian, I don’t trust him. I don’t trust him one bit.

Here is the list of the first 20 articles on The Blaze;