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January 23, 2018


There’s A New Currency That Will Solve All Your Debt Problems – The Barackazillion

The Barackazillion is “The Only Currency You Will Ever Need” – go to http://barackazillion.com/ and watch the video to see how it works.

“Money We Can Believe In”

“As Good As Gold”

For those who lean left or right, I would have created the same currency for Bush had I thought of it then. Contrary to mainstream media belief, the Republicans were big spenders too during the Bush years. They have only become fiscally conservative to have something to counteract the Democrats with since this mostly neo-conservative Republican party has been duped into loving and supporting wars (you know who you are). How Christian of you…

Understand the Truth

I am neither left nor right in my political views. The media would have you argue left versus right politics till you are blue or red in the face. The whole time the elites of the world, including those who are in Congress, you know, the one’s you keep electing to office each year, are destroying our monetary system. It’s the monetary system that keeps things going. Congress should let the bad banks fail and we move on with a secure system. Instead, both sides of the political aisle, in the name of “saving the system” only put us further into debt and deficits.

So What’s Next?

If you are a Christian, Atheist, Black, White, Gay, Straight, you are being affected by what Congress does. It matters not who is at the top except for the executive powers they abuse.

I will create a new currency exposing the same issues for the next President if Obama doesn’t get elected to a second term, although Romneyazillion just doesn’t have the same zing to it…

The point of the Barackazillion currency is to mock our Federal Reserve System that continues to print money out of thin air in allowing Congress to pay for things (wars, deficits and national debt), thus enslaving us for years to come. This has to end! Electing a different leader doesn’t change anything!

I’ve personally used the Barackazillion to pay for a taxi ride. I convinced the driver that it was a new currency available here in the U.S. and he accepted it (I later paid cash after testing out my theories that I could convince people it is acceptable currency). This is the level we have devolved to in America. People believe anything they hear…like from the mouths of Congress and the media. In the end, Congress will do what the elitist want them to do. They’ll bail out the banks. They’ll bail out big business. They’ll have you pay for it. Why don’t you citizens here in America understand this? Why do you believe everything the media tells you to believe as if it’s Gospel? The media is complicit in what is happening too. Why don’t most of you who are glued to the television get it? Of course there are exceptions to this…more people are waking up.

Much of this analysis I do will be explained further in my forthcoming book, “We the Serfs.” I have spent the last 5 years working on this book and have put all the pieces of the puzzle together for you to understand what’s really going on in America. It is a Christian/Political book based on facts. It is also a book that those of any other religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation, will agree makes sense. Of course those in Congress and the media won’t really like it, except for a few.

This isn’t any kind of conspiracy theory either. When I say the media is complicit, I can prove it. Of course there isn’t any media in America that will allow me to explain, so I am going after those who keep the truth from U.S. citizens by mocking them. It’s rather easy for me to do you know… Naturally, creating a currency that competes with Federal Reserve Notes would not be something that Congress or the Federal Reserve would want for us citizens. That’s why they tax gold and silver at 28%. They don’t want competition to their monetary system scheme. But unfortunately, it is this scheme that cannot last, and you will be the one left without a chair at the end unless you do something now.


Congress would not be able to do this if there was no Federal Reserve enabling them to spend more than they have available. Congress would not be able to keep spending more than they have available if there were a Constitutional amendment to constrain their spending to income earned like the rest of us have to do living here in America.

Ending the Fed and implementing a Constitutional amendment would result in the following;

  • The over-spending by Congress would end
  • The wars would end and lives saved
  • The economy would recover

You have choices come election time. That’s what the media would have you believe. But no matter who you elect won’t change the flawed system. The rules have to change first, and we elect people who will abide by those rules. Every Congressman swears to uphold the Constitution. They simply don’t once in office. So taking away one of their tools that allows them to spend like drunken sailors is the first step. We must End the Fed. A second step is to implement a Constitutional amendment that constrains Congress with SEVERE penalties, including personal ones (loss of government pension, loss of health care benefits in retirement, etc.), if they don’t adhere to it. Without the penalties, Congress will continue to abuse us citizens like they have since 1971. Make it personal and they’ll act in our best interest rather than the elite’s. After all, it is We the People they serve.

There is of course more to it than these simple changes. Again, this will be explained further in my forthcoming book.

What happens if there are no Congressional constraints and the Federal Reserve continues to implement Quantitative Easing?

If we don’t do something that stops this madness that Congress and the Fed have become, the result will be “We the People Serfs.” It will result in the end of the greatest country’s economic system on earth. It will result in the end of our monetary system as we know it because everything Congress and the Fed does is unsustainable. It’s simple math folks…there’s a reason why our kids calculators can’t compute one Trillion….or one Barackazillion (you really do have to watch the Barackazillion video).

We must live within our means as a nation for the system to work! Everyone else has to! This is the issue…

Feel free to pass this message on to your family and friends…or, do nothing and just elect the same people into office who cater to the elite’s because they have the tools to make themselves wealthy at your expense. It’s up to you to be proactive. Enlightenment can come with a simple forwarding of this message….