January 23, 2018


U.S. Foreign Policy Is Like A Dog Pissing On Trees Leaving Its Mark On Every Muslim Country

I went for a run this morning and on the way back I noticed a man and his dog walking in front of me. The dog was stopping at every tree, marking its territory and moving along its jolly way. I stopped and petted the dog, a friendly one, as Labrador Retriever’s are. You can tell […]

The Barackazillion – The Only Currency You Will Ever Need

With all the talk of a gold standard by the Republicans of late, and with the elections upon us, I thought it would be a good time tell people about The Barackazillion, a new currency that can solve all your debt problems. The Barackazillion is the first currency in the United States that has a […]

Obama or Romney? When It Comes to the Economy, It Doesn’t Matter


I love how facebook and other discussions are centered around politics during an election year. I get to sit back and ask questions of both the Republicans and the Democrats by challenging them on the real issues that plague America. What I find is that most really don’t see the underlying big picture that will […]