February 19, 2018


Would Jesus Vote For Gingrich, Romney Or Ron Paul?

Many people who vote today, do so after listening to their favorite talk show host speak fondly about a certain candidate. Others do their homework to seek truth about each candidate. This article and the video below will address how the media, the same media that got us involved in the war in Iraq, is pushing us towards war in Iran and how two Presidential candidates, Gingrich and Romney, who call themselves “conservative” don’t fit into the historic definition of what Christianity stands for, and only one does, Ron Paul. This election will once and for all dictate the direction that Christianity will take. It is up to you, the voter, to make a difference in America’s future, not the biased media. But you have to think for yourself.

And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Luke 11:9

The Media Tells You All You Need To Know

I have documented in the video below how the media can slant things certain directions so that you, the viewer, will see things as they want you to. They are very good at what they do and they know it. For example, if you hear something over and over again, it slips into your subconscious and the next thing you know, when you’re having a conversation, it comes out of the back of your brain as fact. It’s the same reason you drive by a McDonalds and find yourself pulling into the parking lot because “You Deserve A Break Today!” I hear this tactic all the time from the media when I see them saying the exact same words.  I have been documenting this and in the beginning of this video you can see that it’s not just one station that does it, but all of them collectively.

You hear the media say over and over again, “Ron Paul is not electable.” “I like Ron Paul except for his foreign policy.” Or my favorite, “Ron Paul’s foreign policy is dangerous.” No dear media, it is YOU that is dangerous to the future of America. It is YOU that we need to occupy along with the halls of Congress. If you truly want unbiased media that is Constitutionally sound and what we Americans need to hear, then watch Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch. Other than that, turn the TV off and go out and make a difference in this world following your passion.

I’ve written one book and am writing another to make a difference. I’m fed up with the way our nation is being taken by the Kings and Queens that no matter what happens to the People, come out ahead. 6 years of service to their country and they are set for life. This makes no sense at all. They shouldn’t be getting any extra privileges just because they chose a career path where they work for the American People no more than a Doctor that saves lives should. Sure, baseball, basketball and football players do quite well financially only working a few years, but they too aren’t set for life with benefits and a pension, unless they had longevity and a good financial manager. Many end up declaring bankruptcy.

Gingrich and Romney Want War With Iran

Which brings us to where we are today with the leading candidates according to the latest polls showing Gingrich and Romney fighting it out for the top spot. The media has most voters convinced that Romney or Gingrich are going to be the one’s battling it out for the Republican nominee to take on Barack Obama come November. Gingrich has got to this point by manhandling the moderators over his past marriages, which for some Evangelicals does not matter when it comes to the character they would like to see as a role model for our Children. I personally beg to differ with them. I wouldn’t let Gingrich near my daughter as she might pick up some bad habits…and I’m serious about that. He comes across as a type of person who when he doesn’t get his way or is challenged, he gets angry.

Romney comes across as a more likable candidate, but from a Conservative point of view he already has two strikes against him. He gave the citizens of Massachusetts Romneycare, the precursor to Obamacare, and he at one point in his life was Pro-Choice.

These are the two leading candidates based on the polling of the citizens of South Carolina, Florida and nationally. Mind you, most of these polls are of right around 600 people and I can’t tell you whether sometimes these are the same people polled over and over again, but at some point I will be conducting my own poll in a future state, and I’ll be there asking Christians pointed questions on why they think the way they do.

What I want Christians to think about though is what I present in the following video. I want you to listen to what Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, the past and present top TV personalities on Fox News and the one’s outside of Rush Limbaugh that influence the majority of Republicans to think the way they do. I want you to listen to what they actually say in promoting war, something that goes against Christian Just War Theory and what Reagan, Pope Benedict and Dr. Martin Luther King have said.

I can tell you this, listening to Dr. Martin Luther King speak the words of decades ago are more similar to what Ron Paul says today than what comes out of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney’s mouth. As Ron Paul says, we have to come to our senses. The only thing standing between your senses and your vote, is the media. Don’t let those in the media influence you to go against your Christian belief. Jesus wouldn’t be influenced by the media. Neither would this writer. I can see right through their tactics. “I vote for Peace.” I vote for Ron Paul.