February 19, 2018


Will Romney and the Republicans Lose In November?

Answer this question….which candidate, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama will be better for the economy over the next four years? Most people would answer Romney. The correct answer is, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because over the next four years we’re going to see this economy begin to head south. It’s a matter of simple math and an understanding that whatever comes out of a politician’s mouth during an election year means nothing.

Obama said four years ago he would get our troops home and put an end to this war. So what happened there? It took him a couple years to end the war in Iraq, and he sent more troops to Afghanistan, a place where more and more of our soldiers die each month we continue our presence there.

Things are still a mess in Iraq as bombings occur quite frequently as this, this and this story reveal from just that last two months.  But you don’t hear about it in the U.S. media. Did anyone expect life in Iraq to be better now that we have pulled out? This is the pie in the sky thinking our leaders who send our servicemen and women to war in Iraq believe. They also believe the same with Afghanistan or why else would we be there?

If our goal is to rid the country of the Taliban, and fight for the freedom of those in Afghanistan who aren’t Taliban, we are fighting a battle that can’t be won. As Clint Eastwood told the war loving neo-conservatives last night, much to their dismay, that we didn’t learn anything from the Russians who were there fighting for 10 years before giving up. Nothing.

Meanwhile, U.S. soldiers killed themselves at a rate faster than one per day just last month.

Romney On Iran

Lets not forget Republicans that Mitt Romney, at a time when the economy is stagnate at best, and deteriorating with an ever increasing debt burden, wants to spend MORE on defense. But even worse than that, he clearly has an agenda to stop Iran from getting nukes.  Here is what he said in July.

We should employ any and all measures to dissuade the Iranian regime from its nuclear course, and it is our fervent hope that diplomatic and economic measures will do so. No option should be excluded.

Many may not know this, but most Israeli’s oppose a nuclear strike on Iran. But since when do governments listen to their people? Heck, Rasmussen doesn’t even do polls on the wars or potential wars any longer.

Romney On Russia

Are the neo-conservatives trying to bring back the cold war? It sure seems that way with Romney’s past a recent RNC remarks during his speech last night.

Romney recently called Russia “our number one geopolitical foe” and on the convention floor last night said “Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr. Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone.”

Give it up neo-conservatives! We know you want war. Most of America doesn’t! Got it?

Stock Market Issues for Romney

All Obama needs to do in the debates to win is ask how are you today versus four years ago? With the stock market currently over 13,000 (DOW) and the dollar still above 80, those millions of Americans who are invested in the stock market are doing better than they were four years ago. While the unemployment rate is higher, that voting block isn’t enough to overcome the 99%’ers who can’t relate to Romney and others who question his lack of releasing tax returns. My guess is his Swiss Accounts were indeed part of the amnesty program. Why else wouldn’t he release them?

Trust and Flip Flopping Issues for Romney

Whether it is healthcare (Romneycare) or abortion, Romney has played on both sides of the fence. Overall I think the trust issue is what will keep swing state voters from bringing in a guy who may do well for the economy, but scares them on many other issues.  But Romney was pro TARP along with Ryan and this shows he has no real convictions. Just who is Mitt Romney?

Obama Is No Better

This article is critical of Romney, but in no way should the reader think that Obama is a better choice. As I said earlier, the lesser of two evils isn’t good for America. But I’m sorry America; Obama will be your next President. The Republican National Committiee changed rules that will keep someone like a Ron Paul out of the picture in future elections. They have dug themselves a hole of which they can’t climb out.

We can and need to do better, which is why I am writing the book, “We the Serfs.”