January 23, 2018


There Could Be Real Hope and Change for America, But Most Don’t Want It

The following is an excerpt from my book, “Buy Gold and Silver Safely” written in September, 2010.
I decided to get political in the book because politics is very much a part of investing.  This section below
follows my analysis of what caused the beginning of the financial crisis to begin with and is part of
Chapter 4 which is an outline of what’s to come. But more importantly, it reveals the root of the problem
is with We the People ourselves.

Getting Political For a Moment

How is it that these congressmen keep getting away with putting us
deeper and deeper into debt without repercussions? How is it they can
be bought and paid for to the tune of millions of dollars by any
industry that wants favors? This is the flaw in the system. If they were
held accountable for their actions and weren’t allowed to take bribes,
then possibly we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. They’d be
forced to do all they could to protect the American people. Instead we
get a 2,000-plus-page reform bill with two crooks’ names on it.

There Could Be Real Hope and Change for America, But Most
Don’t Want It

It’s not a Republican versus Democrat issue. If Americans have a
choice again to elect Ron Paul as President in 2012, they had better
make the right choice this time. Ron Paul ran as a Libertarian once and

probably still would if the system wasn’t so biased against any third

Ron Paul voted against the TARP that both the Republicans and
Democrats voted for. Here is what he said on the House floor back in
2008 leading up to that vote: “It is time that this Congress put its foot
down, reject the administration’s proposal, and allow the bust to work
itself out so that

Ron Paul holds true to what’s important to the People, sometimes
by himself. We gave Congress more of the alcohol (money) and the
bar has been open 24 hours. As a result, our hangover will now be
more severe. How much more can the American people take? We
really have been like Homer Simpson when he puts his finger in the
light socket, gets shocked and sticks it in again thinking this time he
won’t get shocked again.

My mother and father are in their mid 70s and they could run this
country better than the clowns from the left and right. Ron Paul has
been right for over 30 years and he’s needed to right the sinking U.S.

But watch and see how the media will treat Paul if/when he runs
again by trying to connect him to racist groups or conspiracy theories.
The media only attacks those they fear. They prefer you to keep
sticking your finger in the light socket.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight
you, then you win.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

The media tries to keep our minds busy arguing left vs. right
issues, black vs. white issues, gay or straight marriage issues, abortion
and anti-abortion issues, environmental issues etc., all the while
keeping us distracted from what’s really going on; the destruction of
our economy, its monetary system and thus our nation.

As an example, notice how both sides are complicit with fighting
wars? Obama said on October 27, 2007 that if elected president, and
the wars had not ended, “I will promise you it will be the first thing I
do.” Ron Paul was the lone Republican on the stage in 2008 who said
about the troops; “Just bring them home.” Pretty soon there won’t be
enough troops to fight all the government’s wars and they’ll come
after our youth again, mandating they fight for the state.

Why do I bring this up in a gold and silver book? Because these
wars that began back in 2001 have cost us over a trillion dollars to
fight, let alone the lives of many Americans, Iraqis and Afghans. This
has to stop, as it is bankrupting our nation. Take a look at the data and
see how out of control we’ve let this war spending go.

I don’t want the price of gold and silver to rise because of this
bipartisan desire to destroy our nation, and I suspect neither does
anyone reading this book.

But the right is brainwashed into thinking “we must win this war”
and “we must kill them before they kill us,” as one former presidential
candidate who runs a Christian website emailed me. And the left used
to get us into wars, such as Korea and Vietnam, but now they don’t
know what to think since their chosen one has lied to them.18

Enough of the wars! End the Wars! Bring our troops home to
secure our borders, not those of 130 other nations. We can no longer
afford to police the world while our infrastructure and economy are
being destroyed.19

Of course there will still be pain when someone like Ron Paul gets
elected, but the moves that need to be made now can only be
accomplished by a representative of the People who cares about them,
and not “insurers, bankers and securities firms.” This is why I get
political in a gold and silver book.

The pain is coming either way, and will be much worse because
we let our politicians get away with always increasing the debt level to
fund their beloved wars and spending programs. The debt

According to The Economist, we’ve already dug ourselves a hole.
They state, “the government’s own balance sheets have deteriorated.
In America, the amount of government debt per person has risen from
$16,000 in 2001 to $34,000 now, and household debt has gone up
from $27,000 to $44,000. Cutting the debt back to more acceptable
level is both hard and unappealing, since it may involve years of
austerity and slow economic growth.”21

Government intervention in bailing out its favored companies and
industries and at the same time handing out cash for cars, houses and
appliances hasn’t done anything but provide a temporary bump in the
economy. Things are starting to head in the wrong direction and the
decline in tax receipts the government collects as seen in the following
chart, is making matters even worse.

Will there be more government intervention ahead? Higher taxes?

If so, who will benefit? Will the People of the U.S. benefit? If he were
alive today, Charles Lindbergh could answer this, as he was one of the
few who knew what was really going on in 1913 and just like Ron
Paul now, he was ignored.

Carnegie, the Rockefellers, the late Jay Gould, E.H. Harriman and J.P.
Morgan, and most of those who have individually amassed wealth by the
hundreds of millions, began with little or nothing in the way of capital,
except their ability, and the system which permitted their enormous
accumulations. As I have already said, it is the system that deprives the
plain people of the profits resulting from their work, and gives it to the
class of men mentioned. It ought to be of comparatively little satisfaction
to this generation to let the system remain unaltered and calmly sit back
and allow these enormous fortunes to be accumulated. It is undoubtedly
true that the present possessors, if the laws of devise and inheritance were
abolished, would dispose of most of it as they wished while still living, but
there would be a new set on hand to rob our children.

The only excuse for government is the facility it affords its citizens for
securing advantages that operate for the common welfare, which could
not be secured with the same degree of equability through independent
individual action.

Instead of that, our government, which is of our own creation, has
insured to the banks and other trusts a system which renders it easy for
them to oppress the masses. It enables the few to live as non-producers
and exorbitant spenders, while almost the entire burden falls on the rest of
us. Such a condition is impossible of long tolerance by the proud, honest
and intelligent citizens of our country. We must seek for a remedy.22

Indeed, what our government and politicians have done is create
policy that benefits one group, the wealthy elitists, at the expense of
the other, the majority of hard-working Americans.

It is clear to most, We the People are not benefiting from anything
government does, yet many still elect the same clowns into office.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to
restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to
restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and
—Patrick Henry