January 23, 2018


Ron Paul Is An Electable Conservative Unless You Listen To the Media – Video Proof

It’s quite clear from this video what the media wants you to think. Ron Paul’s success scares them so they attempt to discredit him whenever they can.

Ask yourself why?

Ron Paul wants peace, not war. Wants our government to live within its means, not raise the debt limit every year. Wants liberty, not government intrusion into our lives. And he wants a sound monetary system, not one that causes bubbles via the Federal Reserve.

The media are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing. What’s wrong with a candidate that follows the Constitution?

If you hear something over and over again, it resides in your subconcious. It’s a neuro linguistic approach that most don’t have a clue about. Not the NLP crap that Anthony Robbins puts out.

So when someone hears the name Ron Paul, because of all this barrage by the media of Ron Paul being “unelectible,” “dangerous,” “wacky,” “isolationist,” it’s just in the other persons subconcious.

Kind of like McDonalds…you drive by one and think; “You deserve a break today.” Ultimate result: you get fat and McDonalds makes money. It works….