January 22, 2018


Republican Voters Show They Know Nothing About Their Roots


When did the Republican party become the party of war or war rhetoric? More importantly, why are Christians today so wrapped up in this lust for war? Have they forgot the Commandments of “Love thy neighbor as thyself?” or “Thou shalt not kill?” Are they so mesmerized by the Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh’s of the world, as well as all else on Fox News who repeat the mantra of being aggressive towards our neighbors that they forget who Republicans really stand for? Wasn’t it just four years ago the Republicans chose a war loving candidate in John McCain instead of listening to the only peace loving candidate? I can tell you flat out, this is not your father or mother’s Republican party, and it isn’t mine.

Republicans Used To Give Us Out of Wars

Wasn’t it the Republicans who got us out of the wars in Korea and Vietnam? These were the wars the Democrats got us into. Now that Obama and the Democrats have been in charge we might have wound down in Iraq, but we have escalated the war in Afghanistan and are now involved in Syria, Libya, dropping bombs on Pakistan via drones and threatening to bomb Iran. Whatever happened to the Constitution where it states that all these wars, including the ones we fought in Korea and Vietnam have to be declared? Who needs Congress then if we leave these decisions to a Presidential declaration? Why have a Constitution at all when you are so convinced by the media that our government leaders know what they’re doing? How did that work out for the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

Republican Voters Choose Romney Who Wants To Attack Iran and Now Talking About A Soviet Threat

So this is what the Republican Party platform has come to dear voters. Choose Candidate Romney because he will save you from all these threats from them, whomever “them” is.  So lets take a look at who really is a threat and who isn’t in the land of the free.

Take a look at the graphic below and please explain to me how the U.S. is in fear of anyone. Tell me how Israel is in fear when Netanyahu has said himself that they don’t need the help of the U.S. as “Israel can defend herself.”


How would anyone neutral view the above actions over the last 6 plus decades? Is this the reason the dollar stays as strong as it has? Or is it the fact that when Nixon took us off the gold standards in 1971, after we basically told everyone we would no longer honor their gold requests, that they U.S. government figured they were the only game in town? This is why the U.S. government has gone into perpetual debt, living off of future generations. We are over $16 trillion in debt and you still want more debt to support your lust for wars. Good luck with that Republicans and Democrats!

This is all the Republican party has going for it…elect Romney and go to war. Listen, no one is attacking America. If they even tried to they would be annihilated. It’s not just Fox News. Glenn Beck, who has his own believers in his rhetoric, some of which is good, I labeled as a Muslim hater the first day he came out with his Blaze Internet news source as a majority of the articles on the site were about Muslims. And people fall for this hype.  MSNBC and all of the left wing media has been silent on criticizing Obama for not following through with his campaign promise of bringing the troops home being the first thing he did in office.
Are Voting Americans Ignorant or Stupid?
I used to call people who don’t think for themselves “ignorant” defined as “not knowing what you don’t know.” In my next book I will be proving the case that with all the information presented via the Internet these days, when one can just look up the truth on their own, I may just begin to call those people “stupid.” Republicans who voted for McCain we’ll give the benefit of the doubt as even he didn’t know anything about economics and how to fix the economy. The Tea Party came along and some of those people woke up. But they still don’t get it. They still believe in the hype of the media. They still have been pushed to support undeclared wars and support new wars. Now we have Romney who gave us Romneycare, was pro abortion at one point and wants to attack Iran as well as look at other threats like Russia.
Only You Can Make A Difference
Those Christians today, who can do simple math, can see how we can’t afford these wars and new wars, can see real unemployment continue to be an issue, who hold their Congressmen accountable, who choose life over death for all mankind, who love their neighbors as themselves, need to become more aware of how they are influenced. They need to challenge the status quo and not accept everything they hear as gospel coming from the media. Even Jimmy Kimmel made reference to the media and how they have a corporate agenda these days. He said “I’m not making a joke, but just saying what some people say.” One has to dig a little deeper to see what’s really going on. Do your homework and see what real freedom can be if we all just stop believing the collective hype of the media.
If Republicans want to win any future elections, they have to return to the party of “no” wars, not just “no more spending.” They could beat Obama with just this one switch from Romney to Ron Paul, the only peace candidate.
The difference in not doing so, is moving from the category of ignorance to stupid. But calling someone stupid doesn’t get me as a writer anywhere, I know. That’s why I write now, to preempt such descriptions. History will judge who was trying to do the right thing. It sure isn’t the current administration or what the Republicans offer as an alternative in Romney.