January 23, 2018


Higher Gas Prices Stem From Lust For Wars and Obamacare

Dear Republicans and Democrats….you can’t have your cake and pump it freely too. There is a cost for the things you vote into office. Nothing is free. That cost, according to what other countries who are in similar situations have experienced, will be felt directly at the pump via higher prices. It’s an easy source of tax revenue for governments.

In 2005, Italy, a highly taxed country because of the so called “free” health care they provide for their citizens, had an average gas price of $5,96 a gallon. Today that price is $9.27 a gallon. Germany $8.33, France $8.63, Greece $8.52, Spain $7.27, Portugal $8.18 and Ireland $8.14.

The U.S. average is currently $3.73 a gallon. Are you ready for $8 gas prices? Yes, it will come, assuming the Supreme Court votes to force insurance upon everyone. Look what higher health care costs have done to Europe as a percentage of GDP from 1975 to 2006. This is your future America (you will hear me repeat this mantra over and over).  Please note the small increase for the United States, then compare to next chart below. Our taxes will increase with Obamacare.

Look at the current higher trend of gasoline prices since Obamacare passed. Italy can’t afford to pay their bills and where do they turn? To the gasoline tax. Mark my words that this will occur here in the U.S. It already is! Senator Mike Enzi, R, Wyoming, wants to index the gas prices to inflation. With the coming inflation, this will destroy those individuals on fixed incomes who rely on steady prices of gasoline to not eat into their food budget. Get rid of Senator Enzi now. He’s part of the problem!

All of these European countries mentioned above have experienced significant increases in the price they pay for gasoline over the last 7 years. While some of this price increase can be directly related to Europe’s involvement with the United States in fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, what will the price do if these countries decide to bomb Iran? This seems to be the course of the current Obama administration as just today,  “U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made clear that time is running out for diplomacy over Iran’s nuclear program.”

Mitt Romney was pro-health care for all in passing the Massechusett’s Romneycare and has flip flopped on many issues including abortion. Santorum voted for the national debt increase 5 times. These are the one’s Republicans are choosing to “fix” the economy. Obama has passed the Health Care Act that will push gas prices to the European levels in the years ahead because the government will find gasoline as the only source of income via taxes, just as in Europe. This is your future America and it is a future you are voting for. America will never be the same because of your choosing of candidates that make promises they can’t keep.

Only Ron Paul stands out as a non-establishment candidate and the media won’t give him the time of day. Only Ron Paul will make the cuts necessary and reduce defecits and debts. Only Ron Paul will end the wars that cause gas prices (via higher oil prices) to go higher. The media collectively want their chosen candidates in office so the wealthy elite can continue to get favors from the Kings and Queens in Congress who bread their butter on the backs of the working serfs who have less and less of a voice.  Either use your voice as your vote now or forever hold your peace because you won’t be allowed to speak out against those who oppress you. The minority will control the majority. You reap what you sow.

You must stop this now before it’s too late. Unless you like paying higher gas prices and more in taxes. It’s up to you America. Do the right thing.