January 23, 2018


Evangelicals Looking For A Conservative President Choose Ron Paul Not Fox News Or Rush Limbaugh Candidate

Evangelicals today are looking for a Republican Presidential candidate who is a true conservative. But if you listen to Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, you’ll hear them push their favorite candidates who aren’t conservative at all which leaves Evangelicals scratching their heads and asking, why are they promoting this or that candidate, and why do they hate Ron Paul so much?

Flashback 2008 Presidential Election

Lets go back in time and see what life was like under George W. Bush before addressing today’s media agenda. When I watched Fox News years ago, I never heard Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, or on the radio Rush Limbaugh talk about what’s going on in the economy. They couldn’t see the spending of the Bush administration was doing to the economy. You never heard them come out and criticize Republicans for voting for Bush’s prescription drug program or TARP. Why was that? The truth is, they are all part of the same elitist group that has fooled the good people of the United States into thinking the way they think. They have taken over the Republican Party and are destroying it. Naturally, most of you reading this would agree, today’s Republican Party is not that of your mother or father’s.

I brought this issue up to my own mother. This was her reply;  “I can barely watch it anymore; not the same station we conservative fell in love with many years ago!   I turn it off more than watch it!  We watch old movies.”

During the last election, Fox News did all they could to discredit Ron Paul. I was rather baffled by this because I was aware of Ron Paul’s understanding of Austrian economics having been in the financial business for 20 years. Sean Hannity was one of the first ones to come out against Paul and I didn’t understand his attacks. It then was like a disease and grew to not just Fox News, but all of the other main television stations including CBS, ABC and NBC who would have people on discrediting Ron Paul.

But it was also Ron Paul’s foreign policy that Fox News and the others didn’t like. Ron Paul wanted peace and to bring our troops home. So did I. So did most Americans. But none of the other candidates wanted peace. Well, Obama did, but he didn’t deliver as promised. I am sure that is part of the reason he got elected though.

The Republican Party then endorsed John McCain, a man who knew nothing about economics and he was easily defeated by Barack Obama, a man with very little Senate experience, but a great speaker and motivator. This was actually the best thing that could happen to the Republican Party because anyone who knew anything about Austrian Economics, was aware at just how bad things were in the economy and even if McCain would have won, the financial mess we dug ourselves into during the Bush administration (and preceding one’s) wouldn’t have been fixed. Republicans were part of the reason we got into this mess to begin with in digging our nation deeper into the ever growing black hole of debt. Unfortunately the hole is even deeper today.

Fox News and the Media Has Changed Over the Years

What started me doubting the sincerity of Fox News was their attacks on Ron Paul. They were all of a sudden going after someone whom I respected so in a sense, also going after my own understanding of what our government needed to do to right the ship. So why is it that Fox News and the other media, including Rush Limbaugh have and still are against the one man who understands whats really going on in the economy? Part of the reason can be found in the fact that none of these media folk ever criticize the Federal Reserve. I first brought this to light in July of 2009 in Why Don’t Limbaugh and Hannity Support Ron Paul’s Bill to Audit the Fed?

You see, the wars can’t be fought without a complicit President, Congress and the Federal Reserve to help loan the money so the military industrial complex can be funded. The military, as many of you are aware, makes up the majority of the budget each year. This year alone the Obama administration approved an over $750 billion military expenditure. How long can this type of spending go on America? The answer is, as long as the Fed can print money and people believe that money has purchasing power. But that “perception” can’t last forever. When the Romans couldn’t conquer any more cities to acquire their gold to keep those in power living the good life, they had to devalue the gold coins by adding other metals of lesser value to them. Pretty soon the people caught on to this and eventually the Roman Empire fell because the only other solution to keep the party going was to tax people more.

Today we see the same thing occurring, and you don’t really notice it too much. But as far as the devaluing of money goes, an old 1964 Roosevelt dime could buy you a loaf of bread in 1964. Today, that same dime, valued at $2.09, can buy you a loaf of bread. But in 1965 they stopped making dimes with silver in them. So a 1965 dime, which is primarily made of copper, is still worth 10 cents today. But how many slices of bread can ten cents buy you today? A dollar in 1965 could buy you 10 loaves of bread. How much bread can a dollar buy you today? Starting to see the picture?

So because of these maneuvers by those that control our money, they are systematically destroying our nation. It’s important for you to understand this monetary issue in setting up the foundation of choosing a candidate for President. So if you see the media pushing a certain candidate down your throat (Bachmann, Cain, Santorum and now Romney, you can bet they are the type of candidate that wants to keep the Fed un-audited and left to continue ripping the American People off through the devaluing of our currency. You can bet they are a candidate that also supports war.

Just look at Obama. He promised change, but escalated the war in Afghanistan by sending in more troops and is bombing Pakistan via the CIA, pissing off millions of more people in Pakistan. He did end the war in Iraq, but shortly after many were killed in coordinated bombings to send the message that all is not well there and they continue today. You can bet at some point, another Saddam Hussein will rise to power. The Peace President spent $896 million of taxpayer money in Libya taking out Gaddafi and what was the result? The black flag of Al Qaeda fly’s from the roof of the courthouse in Benghazi. Remember also that we supported Hussein against Iran and Osama bin Laden against the Russians. Isn’t it time this madness stops? Will a war loving Republican candidate stop this?

Which brings us to the Evangelical conservatives and what they are being told by the media and why the media wants them to think a certain way.

Rush Limbaugh, after the results of the debate in Iowa had this to say;

So Ron Paul finishes third in Iowa and Limbaugh calls it “over” for him. Turns out Ron Paul got just as many delegates as Santorum and Romney and Paul’s numbers are rising in the New Hampshire and National polls while Romney’s are falling.

I was watching Fox news today and Shepard Smith interviewed Ed Rollins, Fox News political analyst and former campaign manager for Michele Bachmann and Mike Huckabee in 2008 (see video below). The topic was about how Evangelical leaders who met last week and came out and said there weren’t any conservative candidates running for President who could beat Romney. In other words, by default, they were choosing Romney. Did they not see the results of the Iowa caucuses? It was basically a three way tie between two war loving candidates and Ron Paul, the only candidate who is against the wars. It was basically a three way tie between big government Santorum, Romneycare Romney and the only candidate who votes against EVERY tax increase and government spending bill, Ron Paul. Which of these candidates is the most conservative again Evangelical leaders?

Are these Evangelical leaders that came out and made those comments about what conservatives think drinking the Fox News Kool-aid? Who exactly are these Evangelical leaders as they don’t speak for me. The video below has Rollins discussing who of the conservative candidates might be left that could challenge Romney, saying that there weren’t any left who had the staying power or finances to mount a real challenge. Ron Paul’s name wasn’t even mentioned. But in the second video below, you’ll see what Rollins just said a few days ago about Paul in that he does have staying power. The difference between Rollins today and Rollins of last week is Fox News is really worried about Paul’s staying power, so they need to not do anything that will promote him. They don’t even mention him as a candidate and he’s polling second and rising in percentages! It’s rather laughable that they think people fall for this propaganda in this day and age. The youth who use twitter and facebook sure don’t fall for it and that’s why the majority of them vote for Ron Paul. Of note is even the MSNBC shows, including Chris Matthews Hardball, Ed Schulz and Rachel Maddow only talked about the other candidates, not Ron Paul. This isn’t conspiracy folks. It’s fact. The Left is just as scared of Ron Paul because he is the real Peace President, and he would run circles around Obama on economic issues.


There are four things to look for in the following video. It was Rollins himself who last week said Ron Paul is in it for the long run. It was Fox News contributor Bill Kristol who didn’t understand why conservatives in Iowa were voting for Ron Paul (I guess Limbaugh and the Evangelical leaders didn’t see those statistics which had Romney behind Santorum and Paul). The Fox News own polls in Iowa showed Ron Paul was doing well with Conservatives. And it was Sarah Palin speaking on behalf of Ron Paul in saying that he has austerity plans to get this nation back to an economic powerhouse.


Evangelical conservatives have to ask themselves some honest questions and decipher for themselves why the media wants them to think a certain way. I know my parents can see through the attempts by the media when they say certain things to influence the viewer. One has to be aware of their intent. Real change can happen and I hope this article at least brings about some awareness of what’s going on when Limbaugh, Fox News and even MSNBC try to push their agendas. They are not in We the People’s best interest.

UPDATE 1/12/2012

The Street.com came out with an article Ron Paul Is More Conservative Than Rick Santorum in which a study was done comparing Santorum and Paul and Paul was the more conservative of the two by a fairly healthy margin. Mitt Romney is a moderate but because of this biased media perception, Ron Paul ranked next to Romney as the “perceived” least conservative option in the GOP presidential field.

It’s time to wake up to what the media does people.