January 23, 2018


CNN Poll Shows Ron Paul Beats Obama In November, Newt Does Not

The message that needs to be spread is…a vote for Newt is a vote for defeat in November…a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Victory over Obama.

A CNN Poll shows Ron Paul in statistical tie with Barack Obama if they were to face each other in the Presidential election this November.


Newt Gingrich is 9% behind Obama and doesn’t stand a chance against Obama come November. Democrats know this and want Gingrich or Romney to be the Republican candidate as they know the 99% won’t go for either of them. That’s why the MSNBC shows with Matthews, Schulz and Maddow always try to promote either of them over Ron Paul.

Here are the facts…

Ron Paul can beat Obama on Peace, not war. Obama said he would get us out of the wars “the first thing in office, and he failed.

Ron Paul can beat Obama on civil liberties as he is against the Patriot Act and Obama extended the Patriot Act.

Ron Paul wants to close Guantanamo and Obama said he would, but failed again.

Ron Paul will cut $1 trillion from the budget the first year in office and Obama is increasing our debt by trillions enslaving our youth for decades to come.

Most of our youth are voting for Ron Paul this time around instead of Obama because they are tired of being lied to and are concerned about their future. They also don’t want to be drafted, which is probably a given should Gingrich, Romney or Santorum become President as all they want to do is bomb, bomb bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

If you are Evangelical and fall for the Fox News propaganda that always directs the viewer towards support of war and the military industrial complex, then understand one thing…..You will NOT be in support of these wars when the government demands your children or grandchildren sign up for their draft. This madness has to stop and it has to stop now! If you are pro-life, choose LIFE, not DEATH for not just the unborn, but for all mankind!


Ron Paul’s message is gaining strength. Google Ron Paul and learn that this man has 30 years of Constitutional consistency and a life long agenda to rein in big government.

It’s now or never folks…