January 23, 2018


America Loses Tomorrow With Romney or Obama

America loses tomorrow either way as these two political parties will continue to do what they do best; spend money that’s not theirs but that of future slaves indebted to their masters. Sure, you may think your vote counts, but it doesn’t reduce debt and neither do these political parties as both sides have proven over the years (Reagan increased debt and Clinton reduced deficits, not the nations debt during his tenure for those who praise either as an example of success).

Change will come, but it won’t be pretty when the Fed stops kicking the can down the road because they lose their credibility (and they will). How else do you think we pay for deficits? People actually think the debt is going to be reduced by some promise by any top candidate, but the joke is always on us…We the Serfs! the title of my next book.

I will present solutions all can benefit from, not empty promises and an ever increasing debt burden any child born today won’t be able to pay for. One side will win tomorrow, one side will lose. Some will benefit from a change here or there. All of us will have more debt to pay for what Congress dishes out as law, regulation or policy as Leviathan grows ever larger. All of us will have less liberty. Wars will continue benefiting the few and killing many innocents. Banks will still benefit from the Fed’s favors to them at taxpayer or U.S. dollar purchasing power expense. This is what has become of our Great Nation. Instead of saying “I told you so,” I am working on real solutions.

It doesn’t matter who wins tomorrow when you look at the big picture from an economic point of view. There is a reason why our kids calculators don’t go to a trillion. Good thing they have video games to keep their minds off of us adults or the media claiming one candidates superiority over another as if either would make a real difference. They won’t. And good thing us adults have television to watch to keep our minds off what’s important for our nation too. We all have to live within our means, but our government doesn’t. Just the way our Founding Fathers planned it when they wrote the Constitution right? How did we let it get this far out of control? Happy voting! And I hope I’m wrong about the future. But so far, history has repeated quite remarkably, only buoyed by a complicit Fed.

P.S. Obama will win.