January 23, 2018


A Vote for Obama May Be the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to the Liberty Movement

Those of us who want America to return to it’s Liberty roots have some tough decisions ahead of us in November 2012, but our decisions this year will shape the future of America in 2016 and beyond. For some, they may think it is a choice between Liberty and Death this election as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington heard shouted from the audience during a speech given by Patrick Henry at St. Johns Church in Richmond, Virginia leading up to the Revolutionary War in 1775. We are fighting today for the Liberty or Death of these United States. Don’t think that we are not. But how we achieve Liberty, just as in the days of Jefferson, Washington and Henry, won’t come without pain. We must reap what our nation and it’s government has sowed over the years. There’s no easy way out.

While the grassroots movement is growing to accomplish this Liberty goal, thinking outside the box might actually do more for the promotion of Liberty than one might think. In fact, a vote for Obama may be the best thing that has ever happened to the Liberty movement. Please allow me to explain before jumping to conclusions.

Imagine Mitt Romney As President 

Imagine for a moment that Mitt Romney became the next U.S. President. Is Romney the lesser of two evils? How will things change? Will the economy improve by cutting taxes to the wealthy? Will Romney make any real cuts in big government? Is Romenycare proof enough that he may lean towards some sort of government run health care program similar to George W. Bush’s prescription drug program by giving in to special interests ? Will Romney switch back to the abortion candidate he once was? We already know Romney will beef up the military and continue the quest towards doing something about Iran’s nuclear program as we have since the 1950’s? Yes, this rhetoric regarding Iran’s nuclear capability isn’t anything new, despite Iran’s signing of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty in 1968 and ratified in 1970  making Iran’s nuclear program subject to IAEA verification, something Israel, India and Pakistan have never subjected themselves to, which the media is silent about (North Korea withdrew from the Treaty in 2003 after never complying to begin with).  The Israeli government refuses to confirm or deny possession of nuclear weapons. But Romney wants to go after Iran just like all his predecessors and just like Bush went after Iraq, with no evidence. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, where most of the 9/11 hijackers came from including Osama bin Laden and is home to one of the most radical Muslim groups ever, the Wahhabi’s, nuclear program is full steam ahead even to the point of possibly developing nuclear weapons. Of course you won’t hear this connection on mainstream media shows anywhere either.

With the likes of J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs being Romney’s top 3 contributors, is it any coincidence that these 3 banks and bank holding companies are also the nations top 3 holders of sub-investment grade derivatives, more than at the height of the 2008 Financial Crisis? This is a clear sign to me that just like Republican President George W. Bush, a President Romney will push through some legislation to help his top contributors when these sub-investment derivative bets implode causing these 3  “too big to fail” banks and bank holding companies to cry for funds from those they have paid off, erm, contributed too.

Add in his support of NDAA, and to be blunt, there are many unanswered questions when choosing Romney as President of the United States. Romney as President will just continue the Bush war machine rhetoric and offer no real solutions to what ails the economy.

Imagine Ron Paul As President

Now, imagine for a moment Ron Paul was President. He would immediately cut $1 trillion of government waste by eliminating 5 Federal Agencies;  Energy, Commerce, Interior, Education, and Housing and Urban Development, calling them “unnecessary bureaucracies.” Some would argue that this is extreme as it would eliminate many jobs as well as eliminate some possibly needed agencies in the nuclear and disability programs arena that are currently government run. But the private sector would always be there doing a better and more cost effective job than government.

Ron Paul would try to establish competing currencies with U.S. Federal Reserve Notes and gold/silver trading side by side without any tax disincentives, allowing the People to choose what currency they prefer to use. This isn’t a gold standard per se, but it is a way for the People to choose what currency is most attractive to them as their mistrust of the current monetary system grows, because of government waste and continued accumulation of debt at an alarming rate. This on top of a financial system that may be in need of more bailouts down the road. Ron Paul also wants to eliminate all wars and bring out troops home saving money and lives. He’s against NDAA and SOPA, PIPA or anything else Congress tries to pass to take away our freedoms.

It is clear from the above why the Liberty movement has backed Ron Paul. He is the only candidate that clearly has a plan to reduce the size of government, something that is drastically needed TODAY for anyone who can do simple math. If you can’t do simple math then please see the U.S. Debt Clock  and Congressional votes for debt ceiling increases. 

But let’s face it you lovers of Freedom. While Ron Paul and his supporters have the best intentions in righting the U.S. Titanic ship, and providing it with some life preservers of freedom and a sound currency, the deck is stacked against any potential chance of Paul winning the Presidency even though through delegate strategy and the Internet, his message of Liberty is getting louder. The mainstream media, financial interests, most Republicans who drink the Fox News Kool-Aid, and approve of meddling in other countries affairs in the name of democracy, and who still don’t understand what trouble our economy is in, put blind faith in a leader, Mitt Romney, who has been on both sides of many issues like abortion and health care (Romneycare) and would have supported TARP. These Republicans also put their faith in another war loving candidate in 2008 who didn’t know anything about economics in choosing John McCain as their candidate who would have been a disaster as President.  

Romney winning the Presidency isn’t going to change anything. In fact, it’s the worst thing that could happen to this current Republican party as it stands today because the destiny of the Party Platform is a complete failure. The Neo-Conservatives would be rewarded and it will end up in complete disaster and guess what the result will be? Hillary Clinton elected President in 2016 and the extreme probability of  MORE government as a solution for what ails us as a country. This could easily include a return to national health care as Hillary Clinton was a big proponent of it during her husband Bill Clinton’s Presidential term. It would be Lyndon Johnson and FDR all over again.

You see, today’s Republican Party is not the Party I first voted for in 1980 and it is not the Party of my parents and grandparents. The Republican party has changed over the years. The Republican party used to get us out of wars like Korea and Vietnam, but of late has involved us in multiple wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bombed other countries with drones like Pakistan and taken the lives of many who fight for their cause. This isn’t to say that Obama is any better which I’ll explain in a moment, but today’s Republican party wasn’t able to win over the peace loving voters in 2008 with their current platform of war and war rhetoric which they continue today with Romney’s call for action versus Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Listen, this rhetoric for action against Iran has been going on for decades. It’s a rally cry to get voters to back a cause.

This current version of the Republican Party with their lust for war needs to be taught a lesson. The goal of Ron Paul to reform them from grassroot efforts is taking force. Ron Paul started the Tea Party before the Tea Party was given a voice through CNBC’s Rick Santelli. Since then it has been hijacked, depending on which Tea Party faction you are a part of, by the  Neo-Conservative, war loving infiltrators who infiltrated the Old School Republican Party of our forefathers. Ron Paul’s own son, Rand Paul has come out in support of Mitt Romney, something that Lew Rockwell says Ron Paul would never do.  So while it is hard to jump ship and vote Obama, as it goes against everything the Liberty movement stands for, we have to prove to this Neo-Conservative group of influential pundits that hijacked the Old School Republican Party that we’re FED UP! with their marginalization and tactics and not going to take it anymore! Give me Liberty and Give the Neo-Conservatives Death! See more on this below…

Imagine Obama As President

There are more people on food stamps today than at anytime in our nations history. Unemployment has remained high, not even counting those who are no longer considered for the government statistic we hear about each month. Our nations debt has increased by trillions and Democrats can no longer use the excuse of blaming George W. Bush (albeit they had the right to in the early years of Obama’s Presidency). Are we really better off than we were 4 years ago? Some will say yes. Many will say no

So why would anyone with a Liberty mind vote for Obama?

Some may say that we need to get Obama out now before he drives this nation into the ground with his trillions of additional debt, Obamacare and continued growth of government and social programs and tremendous increase in the use of Drones on Pakistan as the Nobel Peace Prize Winning President. Where were these people when George W. Bush was adding trillions of debt, socialistic drug care programs and bailouts? I watched Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly for years and during the Bush administration’s abuses, they were silent. I have heard Hannity claim he said things against Bush’s spending, but he didn’t. O’Reilly just wrote books. In 2006 he didn’t have the foresight to predict any economic turmoil when he released “Culture Warrior.” He only knew to attack the Left on issues of values rather than criticize the current Bush administration economic policy. While values are of course important, they come from good parenting, not the government. Even Rush Limbaugh never mentioned anything negative about George Bush and recently claimed George W. Bush should be on Mount Rushmore. See any pattern here?

Two Parties, One Goal; To Make Us Serfs

Most of us are just patterns of our parents. We are Republican or Democrat because our parents were Republican or Democrat. But for Republicans today, it wasn’t us who changed, but the Party itself. This is not the same Republican Party today as it was in the past as I have mentioned. It is a war loving party and one I can not and will not vote for. Since we are going to get hell on earth anyway, I would rather the Democrats and the Neo-Conservatives too get fully blamed for it rather than the Old School Republicans. Only a return to the Old School Republicans can we get out of the problems that beset us as a nation. Only a return to the peace and prosperity with limited government as our goals can we prosper. If we are not careful, the Neo-Conservative Republicans who have hijacked the Republican Party would take us to WWIII in pursuit of economic prosperity, at the expense of your father’s, mother’s, brothers and sisters lives. We shouldn’t fight any more of their wars.  

One has to be consciously aware of this transition from the Old Republican Party to the Neo-Conservative Party it has become. One has to understand we can’t afford the wars we are fighting as they are not only killing our young men and women, but also bankrupting our country. One has to “love thy neighbor as thyself” again and stop listening to the blowhards who lust for war like Hannity, O’Reilly and Limbaugh among others. 

This is hard for some reading this to hear since on every show these same popular media pundits, Hannity, O’Reilly and Limbaugh, also say things we all agree with. They get paid the big bucks to get you to like them and feel good about what they say. They get paid big bucks to attack the Left and portend to be the voice of the right. 

And the one’s on MSNBC (or insert Left media station here), Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz do the same thing but with an anti-right agenda. They used to criticize the Republicans on being warmonger’s, but since Obama didn’t follow through on his campaign promise to “end the wars his first thing in office,” today, they don’t have a leg to stand on in criticizing the right. 

So we are left with two parties that are destroying America and no chance of a 3rd party getting a voice, which is why Ron Paul never went that route, but chose instead this current Republican Party we lovers of Freedom are Fed Up with. There is no Hope or Change for the future of America until we stop this war nonsense and stop the spending madness. This won’t happen with Romney winning folks. It won’t happen with Obama winning another term. At the rate we are going and with no real solutions by either of these candidates, I see nothing but failure. I wrote a book called Buy Gold and Silver Safely in September of 2010 predicting what we are experiencing at the present time in our economy. Chapter 4 of that book is the outline for the future and what’s to come. It won’t be pretty and the real question is, how do you prepare yourself in preserving your wealth? Don’t count on government to be in your best interest should these predictions come true.

Whether it is the expenditures for the military, environmental programs, health care, Fannie, Freddie, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan or whomever, the one’s who work pay for it all are dwindling. If less and less are working, and no government programs and the associated spending for them are cut, the solution has been quantitative easing and treasury interest rate maturity swap manipulation. This has so far failed miserably, but we are at a point of no return.

The rich won’t like Obama raising their taxes, and the Republicans think lowering taxes is going to allow more stimulation. Without these Federal Reserve drastic measures and Congressional pundit programs like TARP that prolong the so called good times, we would bottom out and rebound and be done with it. The bad would be weeded out and the good would rise from the ashes. Yes, there would be pain, and the pain is made worse by these bailouts as there is more that has to be paid out, but as Americans, we always come through in the end. We have more will to succeed than anyone in the world and the freedom to do this is what our forefathers like Jefferson, Washington and Henry fought the Revolutionary War for. But it’s too late for this election for any candidate to come out looking good. In fact, whomever the next President is, will go down in history as being the worst President ever from an economic standpoint.

By the way, the worst President ever is hands down Woodrow Wilson who allowed the bankers of the era to talk him into the creation of the Federal Reserve. Without the existence of the Federal Reserve, we wouldn’t have the ability for Congress or the President to fight all their wars and pay for all their failed programs while at the same time giving them the status of Kings and Queens…at the expense of us Serfs. But it was President Bill Clinton, whom many Democrats praise at lowering the national debt who gave us the addition to the Community Reinvestment Act via the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act allowing for banks expansions into new lines of business bringing on the derivatives speculation we see today. 

This was a bipartisan effort fueled by Charles Schumer, (D-NY), Christopher Dodd (D-CT) and Phil Gramm (R-TX) who were bought and paid for by the insurance, banking and security industries and their lobbyists. The ironic part is? It is the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that is supposed to correct all the things that Dodd started to begin with with Barney Frank being the one who said to blame the free market for the problems and also the one who said “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac—are not facing any kind of financial crisis.” And to top it off, the bill that Dodd and Frank wrote did nothing to curtail the derivatives mess the nations top 5 banks have gotten themselves into! This is where the failure of the next President will stem from. The wolves are indeed in charge of the hen house and many still are. We the People voted for them time and time again.  

Give This Election To Obama And Be Done With It 

This is not to say we in the Liberty movement are giving up. Quite the contrary. We understand that the Neo-Conservative Republican Right marginalizes any individual who speaks about less government. The media is in such cahoots with government that the Liberty voice is being shut down completely, except through the internet. Heck, Fox News got rid of the show Freedom Watch with Judge Napilatano and they claim to be “Fair and Balanced,” “Looking out for you,” and wanting to “Keep Freedom Alive.”

But the Internet itself is being threatened by those from the Left and Right who want to keep their power alive. These leaders in the Senate and the House need to be watched and exposed when they infringe upon our freedoms.

That is why I would prefer this next election to be a Democrat winner rather than a Republican while at the same time have the House and Senate divided so nothing gets passed. The system will implode upon itself the next four years. It’s simple math. From the ashes the Old Republican Party can set the country back on Liberty track, full steam ahead.

Yes, I know that means four more years of Obama, and yes, this is where the Liberty folks may cringe as well as the Neo-Conservative Republicans and Old School Republicans (the party of our parents and grandparents). But listen, Obama has already struck many nails into the U.S. economic coffin. His nails, along with the nails that George W. Bush struck into the coffin, have done so much damage that the next President or a second term by Obama won’t be able to overcome the affliction done. Even Presidential candidate Ron Paul, the one that so many people call a “kook” and other derogatory names, with his answers of cutting government, would cause the nation to bottom out and much pain would be felt. But we need that pain. We have to reap what our former administrations have sowed.

If Romney gets elected and the economy crashes, will calling someone a kook who had real answer make you feel better? Will calling someone a kook change the result of the economic depression that is upon us? Will Obama getting elected for a second term and failing miserably resulting in the same economic crash make you feel better about your labeling of a candidate who knows what’s coming down the road, a candidate who can do simple math? A candidate that warned you all years and years ago, what to expect not just in 2008 when he ran for President, but even before the 2008 financial catastrophe as he’s been trying to get your attention since 1973. Are you so arrogant in your understanding of economic theory that you believe Romney or Obama are going to right the ship? Then you are part of the problem…but you just don’t know you are part of the problem because you believe what everyone tells you as TRUTH. 

The Truth

Here is the truth…. 

For Republicans;

Those who are wealthy will always find a way to pay less in taxes. They have accountants and other advisers who show them how. Many are already moving accounts offshore. There are no future jobs for Americans if companies keep moving their businesses offshore to other countries with cheaper labor and less regulation. It is the government that has killed jobs in America, except for government jobs that is. How is it that the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Government itself are two of the top 20 contributors to Obama’s 2012 Presidential campaign? They will pull out all stops to keep their cushy jobs, just like many Union folks do.

Without any real plans to get companies here in the U.S. to manufacture things people want any longer (certain exceptions like Apple and some other technology and medical companies aside), don’t expect any miracles from the Romney administration to come to fruition. As long as we are a global society, unless we develop some sort of technology the world wants or needs (it’s not Green technology Democrats), their has to be a decrease in American wages and an increase in foreign wages. I knew this first after reading John Naisbits’ book Megatrends in college. That book predicted globalization which indeed did come, at the expense of American manufacturing. You can thank both the left and the right for that as well, who sold our sovereignty via NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, etc. It was only a matter of time.

This unfortunately means and has meant a decrease in the quality of life for many here in America. This also has to, by simple math calculations, necessitate a decrease in the size of government not the massive growth like we have seen. The reduction will come whether you want it or not. Some government programs will have to end. So in that sense, Ron Paul’s plan of reducing the size of government will come to fruition by default, that damn kook. We just won’t have the money to pay for the programs any longer. The Unions from these departments will try and rally the troops, but the pain for many will come. It’s best you work on a Plan B now, if you have such a government job. 

Of course the Federal Reserve can print the money to keep paying for things and keep Hope alive. But how long will the money that is being printed have the perception it will continue to buy the same things at the same price? The perception will be that as long as the Fed keeps printing, it will drive the value of the dollar lower and thus make things more expensive. If the wages are decreasing at the same time, your cost of living goes higher. This is our future folks. The path we have been taking has been in place for quite some time. It’s not a new phenomenon brought on by the Obama administration.  

Throw in a baking crisis or two with our nations top banks over the next few years and you will wish you had Ron Paul’s freedom of currency choice to convert your Federal Reserve notes for something that will hold it’s value; silver and gold, without the capital gain tax issues in play. Chances are you know nothing about this. Only if you get news from the Internet and do your own due diligence will you find Truth.

For Democrats:

President Obama has turned a Bush trillion dollar spending spree into an all out helicopter drop via Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. QE1, QE2, Treasury Swaps, and yes, QE3, will come. Obama will use this tactic to try and keep the stock market propped up to give the perception that “all is well.” Some of you may remember this guy (see picture below) from a move called Animal House…this is the kind of “All is well” we will be experiencing with Obama and even Romney as President.

If I give you $1,000 to go spend, it will stimulate the economy if you go buy things. But that $1,000 is debt and has to be paid back with interest. It’s not “free money” as some think Obama can magically provide. Adding debt to debt doesn’t solve anything. The Republicans have done it and the Democrats continue this same tactic that has taken our National Debt to over $16 trillion, on it’s way to $17 trillion, all with the blessing of both the House and the Senate. Those who keep voting for these debt increases should be kicked out of office for derelict of duty.

Oddly enough, this $1,000 gift I mentioned is approximately just what Nouriel Roubini has recommended Germany give it’s citizens to go travel to all the other countries in the Eurozone that are struggling

Roubini said “Europe needs growth,” he said. He proposed that the German government should issue every German household a €1,000 ($1,250) travel voucher which is only valid for a vacation in the crisis-hit countries, in a bid to stimulate the local economies. 

So let me get this straight. Governments, who are paid for by the hard earned labor of its citizens, should give their citizens free money (a return of their own money?) and instruct them on how to use it for the benefit of others? Why don’t they just print $2,000 in new money and give it to its citizens? Why not $3,000 if you really want to stimulate things? But what Roubini is not considering is where else that money could have went to in stimulating. It has to be taken from some other program that it was originally slated for or extracted via tax. Whatever the case, it comes from its citizens as I said. Shouldn’t the citizen have the right to keep their money rather than be given an incentive to give it away to whom the government dictates? Roubini may think he’s trying to help solve the problem in Europe. He doesn’t understand the true meaning of austerity. The European nations, as well as our own nation just simply need to cut the spending. Instead, Roubini and his clan, who are looked to for advise, just throw gasoline on the already out of control burning fire. 

Speaking of those who are proposing solutions, where are the leading voices of the Left these days? 

I mean whatever happened to Michael Moore who gave us his 2008 Voters Guide wanting change after his constant critiques via film and books of George W. Bush and Bush’s economic and foreign policy? Why is this man so silent? Where is his 2012 Voters Guide? What the matter Michael Moore, cat got your tongue? Where is the parity in his critique when he criticizes one but not the other who has the same policies (not exactly, but the spending and the foreign issues are the same) and has pushed us further and further into debt? Perhaps he’s too busy working on the problems of his Democrat led home state of Michigan. 

And this is key to everything. Moore is the type to criticize the capitalists but it is the government itself, both sides who are being bought and paid for by the crony capitalists who look for favors from their candidate of choice. This type of bribery has to stop and the only way to stop it is to eliminate the ability for these entities to do this along with the Super Pacs that back each candidate. Make it illegal and return these candidates who run against each other to the debate stage via public access channels where everyone can hear what they have to say.

Think of how much money everyone sends to not just these Presidential candidates each year, but those who run for Senate, House, state and local elections. This is a complete waste of money and money that should go to those in need, not those who run for office. 

Where are our priorities today? The Church used to provide for those in need and still does. But it seems people now think Government should be the one’s who are responsible for those who need help. But at what cost? Governments involvement in anything means it will cost you more. Whether it is the salaries of the government employee, especially if represented by a Union, or the limited competition that government backed entities results in, every thing will cost more. Free market enterprises result in lower prices via competition. Take the competition out and prices will always rise. Leviathan will always feed upon itself and that’s what we have allowed to happen.

And That’s why I repeat, a vote for Obama may be the best thing that has ever happened to the Liberty movement. It’s the only way to hurry in the end so we can get on with the rest of our lives. Which brings me to solutions (so you’re not left hanging on with questions about how we will get by during the painful years).


Some of you may like what I have had to say, and some may not. My goal is to just bring awareness to the unaware. To get people to think. To point out those who would cause us harm. I have solutions and they will be revealed in a forthcoming book called “We the Serfs!” 

I hope to be able to bring more awareness to the forefront for those of this great nation that just needs to get back onto the tracks of peace and prosperity after being derailed by a select few who would prefer it doesn’t because of self interest and the lust for profit at the expense of the entire monetary system.