January 23, 2018


Leave of Absence To Finish My Book “Buy Gold and Silver Safely”

I’ll be taking a leave of absence and finishing my book that exposes the gold dealers tactics while at the same time helping people buy gold and silver the right way… safely.

Left and Right Media Misinforming Public About Auditing the Fed

Leave it to the mainstream media, both sides of the aisle, to misinform. Look at the following headlines for proof positive there are big money sources working against letting the Federal Reserve cat out of the bag.

An Open Letter To Sellout Congressman Bernie Sanders On Auditing the Fed

Sanders, you are a sell out to the power elite who refuse to work on behalf of the People in restraining the Federal Reserve, the cause of the bust to begin with.

Senate Shoots Down Vitter Amendment; Vote the Bums Out!

The Sanders amendment would not address monetary policy. Monetary policy is the one thing Bernanke and the Fed have been keen on keeping out of any Fed audit bill. They succeeded.

The Federal Reserve Con Game

If you want to see an end to this Congressional and Federal Reserve madness then you must contact your senators now and have them vote YES for Congressman David Vitter’s amendment which contains the Audit the Fed language that passed the House last fall.

Don’t be fooled by the media’s attempt to sugar coat any audit with a quasi attempt like what is being pushed through Congress now.

Know the difference. Contact your senator now!

Which Congressmen Voted to Give IMF $100 Billion? Vote Them Out!

Which Congressmen and women are casting their votes for the Constitution and We the People and which are voting against the Constitution and the People?

Congress Gives IMF Your Tax Dollars to Bailout Greece

Does anyone really think a nation with a total debt of over $12 Trillion can afford to pay $100 Billion to the IMF in the middle of a financial meltdown?