February 19, 2018


Are Libertarians Compassionate?

I was rather shocked to see this kind of action taken but upon further review of other Libertarian sites, I came to the conclusion that there really was no compassion for those of need in Haiti. How did I come to this conclusion? Read more…

Please Consider Giving $10 to the Haiti Relief Fund

Please consider giving just $10 (or more) to the Haiti relief efforts.

Does this Administration Care About Teens?


So while I am negative in my articles about government’s wasteful spending and living beyond its means at the expense of We the People, and as the unemployment picture gets worse and worse for the youth of today, what will it take for this administration to listen to ideas that can help teens get jobs?

Top 5 Articles of 2009

It was a great year for gold and a down, then up year for the stock market. Our government and the Fed are still doing damage to the economy while politicians claim “the recession is over.”

What will 2010 bring?

Stay tuned…I’ll expose it all here on the Fed Up! Blog and help people understand what’s really going on with the U.S. Dollar, Gold and their investments, media influence, our government and the politicians who run it and their collusion with the real “root of all Evil” that is at the forefront of the bust economy, the Federal Reserve.