January 23, 2018


Limbaugh and Hannity Still Favor The Fed and War While Most In America Don’t

Why would these two pro-conservative, highly influential media pundits not say one thing about the Audit the Fed bill winning a vote in the Financial Services Committee to be included as part of another bill? This is big news and has a real impact on our economy if it passes.

The Left and Right Love and Need War


President Obama ran on a campaign of ending the wars but is currently contemplating sending more troops to Afghanistan. Both Republicans and Democrats support the military industrial complex. Republicans used to get us out of wars (Vietnam and Afghanistan) and now these “new” Republicans, also called “neoconservatives,” hijacked our liberty since 9/11 as well as forgot the Reagan “old Republican party” stance of a “strong national defense” while the “neo-liberals” infatuation with war and the threat of war charade continues without any media objection.

The Government Is Not in the Business of Keeping You Healthy Revisited: No Mammograms Recommended for Women Aged 40-49


If you want the government to control your health care, do nothing. If you don’t want them to control your health care because you realize that it will cost you more in the long run, then Tell Congress To Support the Health Freedom Plan. Please do it now.